MU’s Successful Open House

On Sunday, Oct. 8, Monmouth University held its annual Fall Open House for prospective first-year students looking to enroll in the class of 2028.

Monmouth University was packed with new faces exploring the campus, as well as familiar ones with professors and students introducing themselves to interest students and their families.

There were also several clubs at the Open House, including the Dungeons and Dragons club, Pre-Med club, Student Government Association (SGA), the Monmouth University Pep band, many others.
Kristine Siomes, A.P.R., Specialist Professor for the Department of Communication, said, “It was one of the largest crowds in the last few years; everything seemed to align for this open house, from the weather to the students who showed their support.”

Simoes added that there was a lot of engagement from the prospective first-year students and that Monmouth University seemed to shine during the open house.

Ana Huertas, a senior exercise science and biology student, added, “There were a lot of different backgrounds and students with unique such as wanting to participate in health administration.”
Natalie Hayden, a junior medical laboratory science student who represented the pre-med club, explained, “This year’s open house was great; numerous families and possible new students were asking in-depth questions about careers, majors, and clubs and if I didn’t personally know something I would help point people in the correct direction.”

Liam McGrath, a junior psychology student representing the Student Government Association, said, “Seeing how interested people were in the various clubs, even though they aren’t a part of Monmouth yet, was a great feeling because they want to get involved.”

McGrath explained to parents and prospective students that at Monmouth, you are not seen as a number in a big classroom; rather, you are seen as a person that professors want to help.

“The small campus and class size means that relations between professors and students are very personable. You aren’t in a huge classroom full of people; you will have a maximum of 20 people. At Monmouth, you are seen as a person and not a number; professors genuinely care about you and want to see you succeed and prosper,” emphasized McGrath.