What Do You Want to Do Before You Graduate?

During their time at the University, students will do more than just go to class and prepare for careers. College is an experience, and the only way to have experiences is to live life to the fullest. No doubt every student has a bucket list of some shape or form before graduating. Work and study are very important, but there are absolutely some things every student should do in their short time at the University, and who better to ask than the students themselves? 

Infographic College Stressl

Next Stop on the Struggle Bus: College

When students finally settle into their university, their problems shift from adjusting to college life and preparing for the coming year to more conventional issues that they face on a day-to-day basis. College is a place of learning, socialization and, most of all, growth, but these aspects create problems that every student will have to face in some shape or form. 


Her Song: The Girl Behind The Ukulele

For those of you with a particularly strong imagination, you might be able to recall warm weather. While walking around campus, you might have seen a girl casually strumming her ukulele as she herself walked to her destination. Though enigmatic and a delight to see, it’s natural to wonder about this student that everyone knows, yet no one “really” knows.