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Major spotlight: MEBP

An exciting undergraduate degree available at Monmouth University is a Bachelor of Science in Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy (MEBP). This major prepares students for careers involving marine and environmental science and the complex policy issues regarding the conservation of our environment. Students majoring in MEBP have a variety of opportunities available to them […]

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HawkTank spotlight: Dark Matter

Career aspirations can drive ideas and make these plans come to fruition. The field of science, specifically medical professions, require constant dedication and energy. In order to maintain this level of passion and efficiency, however, doctors and nurses need comfort. Masters in Nursing Sciences student, Naja Morgan, explained that her inspiration for her HawkTank project, […]

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HawkTank spotlight: Versatile Arts & Entertainment

Asad Whitehead, a senior music industry student, founded a multi-media arts and entertainment company that helps independent artists and creatives by providing resources and opportunities. The company, Versatile Arts & Entertainment, has a mission to celebrate all art forms. Whitehead explained, “One of the key aspects of Versatile is our membership model, which offers artists […]


HawkTank spotlight: Link

For some who may be going through a long-term illness, there is ongoing research of many health conditions in order to find a treatment that best suits the needs of the patients. How easy is it to find these clinical trials though? That’s why Alexander Kalina, junior biology MCP student, created Link, which is a […]

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HawkTank Spotlight: Lingo Leap

Language is an important aspect of someone’s culture. It can define who we are, and it can symbolize prior sacrifices our ancestors have made. Sophomore business administration student Alexandria Young explained that her inspiration for her HawkTank project, Lingo Leap, stemmed from her knowledge of Spanish and the importance of dialects. Young discovered that Castilian […]

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Monmouth students attending conferences: the benefits and more!

Students are given endless opportunities to grow and build connections during their college careers. Many students are involved in organizations like “The Outlook,” Student Government Association (SGA), and honors societies and attend annual conferences to engage with students and professionals from around the country. These enhance their skills and network, which make conferences worthwhile and […]