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HawkTank spotlight: Versatile Arts & Entertainment

Asad Whitehead, a senior music industry student, founded a multi-media arts and entertainment company that helps independent artists and creatives by providing resources and opportunities. The company, Versatile Arts & Entertainment, has a mission to celebrate all art forms. Whitehead explained, “One of the key aspects of Versatile is our membership model, which offers artists […]


Major Spotlight: Graphic Design

Monmouth offers a Bachelor of Arts in Design and Animation with a Concentration in Graphic and Interactive Design. The comprehensive coursework prepares students to pursue careers in graphic design along with other associated fields. During a student’s time at Monmouth, they will learn marketable skills, and the major also requires that students take on an […]

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“The Cardboard Show”: Dimattio’s New Gallery

As of Fall 2023, Monmouth University’s DiMattio Gallery is currently hosting the sequel to “The Cardboard Show” which opened in February 2023 in Asbury Park’s art gallery, Parlor. “The Cardboard Show: Beyond the Fold” features the works of artists Porkchop, Bradley Hoffer, and Jason Stumpf. All three of the artists have large-scale cardboard sculptures displayed […]