HawkTank spotlight: Link

For some who may be going through a long-term illness, there is ongoing research of many health conditions in order to find a treatment that best suits the needs of the patients. How easy is it to find these clinical trials though? That’s why Alexander Kalina, junior biology MCP student, created Link, which is a […]

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Monmouth students attending conferences: the benefits and more!

Students are given endless opportunities to grow and build connections during their college careers. Many students are involved in organizations like “The Outlook,” Student Government Association (SGA), and honors societies and attend annual conferences to engage with students and professionals from around the country. These enhance their skills and network, which make conferences worthwhile and […]

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Major Spotlight: Communication

The Department of Communication is home to many students. Among one of the most popular majors offered at Monmouth, this department houses different clusters of Communication studies to fit every student’s needs. The Department of Communication offers programs in Communication, Communication with Journalism/PR, Communication with Media Studies and Production, and graduate programs, such as Communication […]

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Major Spotlight: Music Industry

Music industry is a unique program offered here at Monmouth. Ranked as one of Billboard’s 2023 top music business schools, this program allows for students to follow their passions for music and allows for opportunities within the field while still a student. From working on tour with bands to producing and working in a studio, […]