HawkTank spotlight: Link

For some who may be going through a long-term illness, there is ongoing research of many health conditions in order to find a treatment that best suits the needs of the patients. How easy is it to find these clinical trials though? That’s why Alexander Kalina, junior biology MCP student, created Link, which is a tool for patients to easily find clinical trials. Kalina explained, “With Link, patients are able to easily find clinical trials for their condition while pharmaceutical companies and hospitals are able to fulfill targets for patient recruitment.”

Kalina first thought of Link during his internship at Novartis; he saw a problem and wanted to fix it. He said, “I saw that virtually all pharmaceutical companies face problems in terms of recruiting, and I thought that there must be another way. After some research, I saw that select pharmaceutical companies offer program to match patients, but that it is exclusive to that pharmaceutical company. From there, I got an idea to create a platform that allows patients to explore all clinical trials that are most suitable to them.”
This tool is made to help ease the burden and stress that takes place while finding clinical trials. He wanted the process to be as stress-free as possible.

He added that, “Link is especially important for patients that are looking for other options of treatment.”
He thanks Monmouth’s Center for Entrepreneurship for helping him develop this tool. He commented, “Alison Gilbert [Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship], has been a tremendous help in developing my business pitch and finding creative solutions to problems associated with the business model. Without her, my idea wouldn’t have been more than just an idea.”

Kalina continued, “I would not have been 1/10 of where I am now. The Center has a platform for anyone wanting to start a business and it guides you and asks questions that ultimately leads you to a solid foundation.”

Kalina is eager to present his ideas, “I am very appreciative to have the opportunity of being a finalist and I look forward to presenting my ideas.”

He emphasized, “It’s definitely is a little nerve-racking to share what I have been thinking about and working on for the past few months, but I am excited nonetheless!”

To watch Kalina present Link to the HawkTank panel, attend HawkTank on Apr. 17!