The Unfriend Zone

As the warm weather finally approaches, most of us will take part in the annual ritual of spring-cleaning. For some, this means going through old winter wardrobes and cleaning and dusting to our heart’s content. For others, this means spring cleaning through their social media, deleting frivolous accounts and even filtering whom they are in contact with. “Unfriending” is an odd two-sided coin. On the one hand, there is the person going through their list of friends, choosing which ones they decide to stay connected to through these online social medias, creating the question of why we unfriend people.



An Inside Look at Thrift and Consignment Store Shopping

With the economy still in a slump, and being on a tight budget as a college student, dressing to impress can feel like an uphill battle. However, there is an oasis out there in the dry, lonely desert of college broke-ism: thrift and consignment stores. While the image of shopping at places like The Salvation Army or Goodwill might not seem ideal for fashion trends, there is a lot to offer shoppers and it allows them to buy different items that can be a good foundation to a wardrobe.


Top Five University Fun Facts

Get up, go to class, eat lunch, procrastinate, do some homework (possibly), and go to bed. So is the life of most college students Monday through Friday, which at times can seem repetitive and dull. However, there are many little things about the University and the local area that can perk up the redundant schedule of everyday college life. So here are some facts you may not know about dear old Monmouth.


Ten Commandments of College Life

As a graduating senior, I have had my share of experiences at the University. Whether it was finding myself at McDonalds for midnight dollar big macs, all night sessions in the library, painting splatter paint squares at 3 am (long story), or explaining to all my peers  and professors why I had a cast on my hand in class  when it had not been there 48 hours before (even longer story).  With less than two months left before I walk across the stage at PNC and shake President Paul Brown’s hand, there are some things that I learned over my four years here.


No Plans? No Problem! How to Spice Up Your Spring Break

As we hit the mid-point of the spring semester (if you can even call it spring), students are navigating through midterms, anxiously waiting for summer, and of course gearing up for spring break. If you are like me, those nine days are full of glorious naps, Netflix binging and possibly a little spring-cleaning. Others are packing their bags and heading for warmer waters for some fun in the sun. However, if you have no plans whatsoever, have no fear, for there are plenty of local trips and activities to partake in during spring break.