Top Five University Fun Facts

Get up, go to class, eat lunch, procrastinate, do some homework (possibly), and go to bed. So is the life of most college students Monday through Friday, which at times can seem repetitive and dull. However, there are many little things about the University and the local area that can perk up the redundant schedule of everyday college life. So here are some facts you may not know about dear old Monmouth.

5. There is a graveyard on campus.

A little creepy, yes, but it’s not what you think. Located by the old well by the garden apartments is a small pet cemetery from when Mr. and Mrs. Parsons lived in Wilson Hall. It consists of their two dogs and cat that they owned. There is an apparent ghost story that one of the headstones goes disappears and reappears every once in a while. There are also other allegedly ghostly tales about Wilson and the library. If you love the spooky adventures, then head out to these locations on campus to do some possible ghost hunting.

“When we first moved the honor students in, they were asking about all the ‘haunting’ on campus,” said Amy Rochette, a junior criminal justice major. “We could only find one of the actual headstones, so they were a little disappointed, but enjoyed the adventure anyway. They even like how creepy the well was next to the pet cemetery.”

4. Your Student I.D. can save you some cash.

Being in a beach town, some of the local businesses appreciate the revenue students provide during the winter seasons. Because of this, some of the shops have given us a little incentive. Along with dollar Big Macs after midnight, students can get 10 percent off at Top It Frozen Yogurt, and at Charlotte Russe in the Monmouth Mall.

Dan Roman, a junior political science major, has used multiple student discounts. “I am pretty much hungry all of the time, and I am broke so it really helps. It definitely benefits people because food choices on campus are a little limited and after the Dining Hall and Student Center closes there are not many options.”

So your I.D. has more fringe benefits than just getting you into your residential hall and omelets from Carlos in the dining hall.

3. The 600 building used to be chicken coops and horse stables.

If you look closely you can see they barn- style doors on some of the classrooms. It also explains why there is that small quad area as the classrooms face each other.

Megan Van Tine, a senior communication major, reflected back to when she had one of her first classes in the 600 Art building, as the building has gone through rigorous construction. “I had my theatre appreciation class in the building, and it was cool to see that the structure had history to it, and that it was different from the other classrooms on campus.”

2. WMCX and The Outlook used to be located on the top floor of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center.

“The radio station was very small, but comfortable, and looked out onto the parking lot behind the student center. It was lined with shelves of vinyl records and we had two turntables, one for broadcasting live and one for cueing up the next song,” explained Robert Scott, a communication professor who also received his undergraduate in history at the University. “Today’s broadcasting and editing equipment is beyond what we could have imagined back then, and I’ve repeatedly heard from visiting professionals that WMCX is outfitted on the same level as top-rated commercial stations.”

1. There used to be a bowling alley in the basement of Wilson Hall.

Even though the Parsons never actually used it themselves, a bowling alley did exist in what is now the W-2 classroom. While building the facility, the workers hit water while building the space for the lanes. There are also stained glass windows that show a portrait of a prehistoric man.

These fun facts only scratch the surface of the history of the University and the surrounding area. So if you are interested in learning more about school, put down the phone, grab a friend, and go exploring.

PHOTO COURTESY of Anna Chamberlain