Storing Data in DNA

From a blade of grass to the wing of a falcon, to the seed of a coconut to the stem cells in your bone marrow, almost all known life uses DNA as an instruction manual of sorts to carry out its representative functions. Recently, a team of biomedical engineers at Harvard led by Nick Goldman has successfully stored 739 kilobytes of hard-disk storage into synthetic DNA, sequenced it, and recovered the original content with 100 percent accuracy, according to Nature.


Making Rain to Clear Smog: An Artificial Solution

Record levels of airborne pollution in Shanghai, China have passed the threshold necessary for normal outdoor activities to resume their course. Its aftereffects have manifested themselves most directly in public sectors such as education and transportation. The closing of schools and the cancellation of flights resulted from the smog infested pollution prompted the Shanghai government to issue the highest level of health warning, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).