Were We Always Alone?

NASA Curiosity Rover Finds Ancient Streambed on Mars

Water as we know it is the essence of life, for without it, almost no form of life could ever exist. Last Thursday on September 26, NASA’s Curiosity rover found evidence that a stream of water once coursed the now desolate Martian landscape as the rover scanned the surface.


Giving Life to Synthetic Organs

Three short years ago, Andemariam Beyene was studying geology for his PhD in Iceland when his physicians found out he had a golfball sized tumor growing in his trachea (windpipe) which blocked his breathing. After going through aggressive rounds of surgery and radiation therapy, Beyene’s health continued to deteriorate, according to The New York Times, as the tumor still persisted.


Junk DNA Recycled From the Attic

With respect to the unprecedented advancements seen in genetics in the past few decades such as the Human Genome Project, the advent of gene therapy, and recently, the Human Epigenome Project, we are better able to begin traversing through the vast ocean of uncertainty that circumscribes our ancestry and our individuality. Through this journey, we are now beginning to understand the genetic basis for disease on a whole new level that is allowing us to treat patients on an increasingly personalized basis, one down to the very building blocks that makes up their genomes.


The Evolution of Supercomputers

If you bought a computer within the last few years, you probably realize that it can run circles around the old desktop you had lying around your house from a decade ago. The speed in loading webpages, playing games, editing media,and processing information has appeared to have exponentially increased compared to the ancient former.