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The “Apocalipstick” is Coming: ALI Holds Fifth Annual Drag Show

All Lifestyles Included (ALI) held their fifth annual Drag show, “Apocalipstick,” in Anacon Hall of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center (RSSC) to raise over $1,000 for The Trevor Project on Friday, March 7.

“I highly doubt that many people here at the University have gone to a drag show,” said Melissa Galvin, co-President of ALI. “So coming to a drag show on campus is really interesting and gives members in our club a chance to shine.”

This year’s drag show theme was “Apocalipstick,” reigning in a futuristic feel to the show with over 200 people in attendance. As the main part of the event, ALI contracted out four drag queens that came and worked it out on stage for the audience, performing dance routines.

“ALI is several things. It is a support group for people who are gay, lesbian, and transgender and allies those who are in support of these groups. It is also a group to raise awareness and show people things that haven’t necessarily seen before on campus. ALI is also a support group, which, I think is really one of the wonderful things about it,” says Heather Kelly, advisor of ALI and Assistant Director of Student Activities for Multicultural and Diversity Initiatives. “It’s great for diversity and multiculturalism, and it’s great for the world we are sending people out into now.”

The performers did not disappoint the ticket payers as they danced and lip synced to popular hits such as Katy Perry’s “Roar” and Lady Gaga’s “Show me your Teeth” in array of chic costumes and sassy attitudes. There were mixed reactions as some were new to the culture while others where hooting and hollering, cheering the performers on.

“To be completely honest I am completely blown away by the things that they do,” said senior Meaghan Brandt, who has attended the show for the past two years. “It blows my mind that they have all these challenges that they are overcoming, and it’s just crazy.”

In the planning of the event, the group went through months of planning contracting the space, DJ, lights, food, and the performers. Through the annual drag show, ALI has developed a relationship with some of the drag queens including Victoria Cortez and Jolina Jasmine.

“I love coming back here every year. It is a wonderful, wonderful thing that goes on yearly here and I happy to be apart of it,” explained Cortez who also does work to help raise funds to assist those living with HIV and AIDS. “For [the students], it spreads a level of awareness and a level tolerance. I see a lot of faces here tonight of people who are straight, gay, trans, and it is a night of entertainment and for people to enjoy themselves and let loose without thinking about the whole ‘gender, sexuality’ deal.”

Along with the drag queens making the audience cheer, some of the student body also harnessed their in diva on stage as they participated in a dance-off and mini-drag show, along with a raffle for the chance to win a Visa or Chipotle gift card.

“I come to this activity every year, and I love the energy and the confidence,” said international business student Melis Gore. “My favorite part would be when the student body itself was involved too. I like the fact that students here got on stage and danced and felt more confident in themselves, so that was nice to see.”

All the funds raised from ticket sales for the drag show went toward the Trevor Project, which according to, aids in suicide prevention among the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) community.

Kelly said, “LGBTQ youth are at the highest risk for suicide, running away out of the high school and middle group as well. It is a very important cause and I know that in the past years there has been media advertised suicide and things that have gone on, even at the college level.”