Disney’s “Frozen” Melts Hearts

When “Frozen” was first advertised last year, I’ll admit I was skeptical of what Disney was trying to accomplish with this film. With the exception of “Tangled” and “Toy Story 3,” the past few years of Disney films have not been a portrayal of their best work. Yet, “Frozen” was a pleasant surprise that gave me that same giddy feeling as when I watched other classics like “The Little Mermaid” or  “Beauty and the Beast” as a child.


Giving Thanks at the University

In the spirit of the holiday season, most see Thanksgiving as a long weekend to eat turkey, watch football, and of course for students, catch up on some sleep. However, as time has passed it seems that the underlying meaning of why we give thanks gets overlooked, or rather has changed among the younger generations since the pilgrims first landed on Plymouth Rock.


Retail Therapy: Lightening Your Stress and Your Wallet

With malls coming in almost every shape, size and website it can be so easy to spend more money than you realize.  An article from MSN Money stated that five percent of Americans suffer from compulsive shopping.  However, it can be hard to see the blurred line between shopping for necessity compared to emotional shopping, also known as “retail therapy.” This can be easily addicting for anyone, especially college students.


“Romeo and Juliet”: A New Take on an Old Tale

With so many adaptations of Shakespeare’s classic tale, there was a sense of skepticism as I watched this new version of “Romeo and Juliet.” However, director Carlo Carlei and screenwriter Julian Fellowes were able to breathe some new life into this tired, old love story by creating an authentic piece that not only Shakespeare himself would be proud of, but would also entertain hopeless romantics of the twenty-first century.


What Can Grad School Do for You?

What do you want to do after you get your undergraduate degree? That seems to be an age-old question that makes almost every student cringe when it comes up in conversation.  It is scary to think that after four years, it is expected of us to be thrusted into the work force, ready to hit the ground running. However, there are other options after graduation for students, such as graduate school, which student Jessica Kimball has taken advantage of to further her education.


Increased Facebook Advertisements

As with most college students, Facebook has become a staple of socialization for me. Since it was created, the site has gained hun­dreds of millions of users. How­ever, over the past few months it seems that Facebook has been trying to increase revenue with more adver­tisements on the main news feed page. Originally, they used to just appear on the side bar of the site, but now the format has completely changed. Ad­vertising is the main way for online sites and companies to gain most of their income if they are not a business with a tangible product.


Staying Jersey Strong

In October, our state suffered one of the worst storms that it had seen in a century. After Sandy had hit, it looked like it would be a while until we recovered. I re­member seeing houses gone, de­bris everywhere, and people look­ing so lost, as they had no idea what to do next.


Staying Confident This Summer

Avoid Feeling Self Conscious in a Swimsuit

As the semester soon comes to a close, warmer weather is on its way along with day trips to the beach, class outside, and of course the tease of summer vacation. While this time of year is supposed to be pleasurable, it also seems to create a type of dread for some people I know, specifically my female peers.