Realizations of an Addict

Former Addicts Explain Rock Bottom and Their Road to Recovery

The disease of addiction is a vampire. It sucks the life out of every aspect of a person’s existence. Addiction takes over the body, the mind, and destroys the soul. Age, race, gender or occupation makes no difference to the disease. Its ultimate goal is to take your life, unless you make the decision to save it.

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The Lines Await

Registers ringing, credit cards swiping, wallets whining, and parents sighing are sounds that echo through the stores. This is the joy of holiday shopping. Every year shoppers swarm the department stores and battle it out for the best deals on the items that top their gift list.

Lorraine Warren Ghost Hunter
Club & Greek

Lorraine Warren: The Original Ghost Hunter

Paranormalist Tells Her Experiences to Over 250 People in Wilson Hall

It is that time of year again. With Halloween only a few weeks away, the hot topics are all things spooky and scary. Ghosts, demons and things that go bump in the night are out to scare the unsuspecting. One woman witnessed firsthand the frightening side of the paranormal and shared her experiences with students.