Disney or Universal?

I’m a bit biased when it comes to picking between Universal or Disney. For starters, I love Universal Citywalk and all the movies that the company produces. But ultimately, I’m a Disney kid at heart.
My whole family on my mom’s side grew up on Disney movies and going to the parks; it’s been embedded throughout our family. We thank my nanny for this because she was the original Disney lover in our family and carried it on to all of my uncles, my mom, all of my cousins, and me. I enjoy Disney so much and it is something that I love very deeply. Disney gives my whole family a common bond; we will always have it as our special.

I have been going to Disney since I was nine months old, but my most recent trip was over spring break. Many of my trips were spent with my parents and sister along with my aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Walt Disney World holds a very special place in my heart, and it is the one place you will always find me with a smile on my face.

Along with this, I like Disney more because I feel as if you get more out of the experience and bang for your buck. Disney has four parks with many resorts on property. Whereas Universal only has two different sections with less options for on-property stays. Additionally, in Disney you can buy a ticket for just one day or you can buy a park hopper pass that will allow you to go to multiple parks during the same day. This is a much better system compared to Universal; if you want to go to the entirety of Harry Potter Land, which is two of the parks (Diagon Alley at Universal Studios and Hogsmeade at Universal’s Islands of Adventure), you have to buy two separate tickets for two parks, even if you are going in the same day. Thus, making the cost a bit more expensive.

I think that Disney is the best place in the world; it’s a place that truly has magic. Although it can be crowded and expensive, I think it is worth spending the money and going there. It is an experience that you can share with anyone, and there is so much to do while being there.

Besides the physical theme park, I believe the movies and shows that come out of Walt Disney Studios are also amazing. Growing up, all I watched was Disney movies. From Pixar features, like “Toy Story,” and “Cars,” to Marvel movies, featuring The Avengers and “Captain America.” I also loved watching Disney Channel original shows such as “Hannah Montana” and “Suite Life on Deck.” These were shows and movies I could watch with my sister and family, and they brought us all much closer.

People may think that we are a crazy Disney family, which we very well could be, but it’s something that my mom, my sister and I truly love. Although my dad might not admit it, I think he loves it too because when we go to the parks, we are all with each other having a great time. Like I said before, I will always choose Disney over Universal any day of the week because it holds such special memories to me, and it is something that always makes me smile.