MU Welcomes Graduate Physician Assistant Program

Physicians Assistants are Expected to Grow 30 Percent Within the Next Decade

The University announced the approval of new Master of Science Physician Assistant program (MSPA) to begin the Fall 2014 semester. The MSPA will be a three-year, full-time graduate level program offered to University students and those interested. The program is in increased demand and has an expectancy to continue to increase in the coming years.


University Student Meredith Calcagno Sings “Hero” on the Katie Couric Show “Katie”

Meredith Calcagno, music education student, was given a chance to pursue her life-long dream to sing on a nationwide television network on Thursday, April 11. Calcagno was told she would be auditioning to be on Katie Couric’s talk show, “Katie.” Little did she know, there was no audition, just the audience waiting to hear her first big break.


Dr. William B. Stanley to Receive Distinguished Alumni Award From Rutgers

Dr. William B. Stanley, professor of education, will receive a distinguished alumni award from Rutgers University Graduate School of Education on April 6. Stanley graduated from Rutgers in 1979 with a social studies doctorate degree after receiving a master’s degree in history. The award symbolizes Stanley’s dedication, numerous contributions, and many influences during his career in the education field.