The Forgotten Art of Connecting

The spring semester is often marked with new classes, familiar faces, and the same coursework.Generally speaking, I did well making new friends from my classes last semester. Those I developed a deeper relationship with, I kept in touch with over winter break. Nonetheless, I lost touch with those whom I was merely acquainted. You would […]


The Thin line of Cancel Culture

In the last few years, people’s adherence to cancel culture has grown exponentially. From what it seems like, both celebrities and businesses are being cancelled left and right for their “controversial” beliefs. Does cancel culture add any value to our society? Generally-speaking, I feel cancel culture is toxic and a threat to Americans’ constitutional right […]


Will Increasing Minimum Wage Solve Inflation?

Across the United States, the cost of living is on the rise and it shows no warning signs of slowing down. Living in New Jersey, one of the top 10 most expensive states to reside in, only exaggerates this unfortunate reality. What doesn’t seem to be helping the situation is New Jersey’s current minimum wage. […]


Technology in the Classroom: Helpful or Harmful?

With the astounding technological advances over the past couple of decades, more students and professors are utilizing technology in the classroom than ever before, especially during the pandemic when schools relied on technology to function. Pens and paper have become an idea of the past for many students, replaced by the swift efficiency of a […]


Celebrating Halloween as an Adult

Halloween is my favorite time of year, regardless of how others may perceive the appropriateness of celebrating the holiday as one grows older. As a Halloween lover, I often feel criticized by individuals who feel it is unnecessary, or even childish, to dress up in honor of spooky season’s culmination. Halloween deserves the same amount […]

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University Celebrates National Coming Out Day

Monmouth’s Intercultural Center (IC) and Pride Club co-hosted a National Coming Out Day (NCOD) celebration with food, giveaways, music, a photobooth, and community mural on the Rebecca Stafford Student Center’s patio on Tuesday, Oct. 11. This nationally recognized holiday raises awareness for members of the queer community in “coming out of the closet, which refers […]


Video Games and Stress Relief

Most people have played video games at least once in their lives, whether it be on a PC or console game, such as PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo devices. There are a variety of games on the market to meet people’s ranging interests. For example, there are educational games that exercise a person’s mental muscles, like […]


Let’s Talk Fashion

A person’s sense of style or fashion can tell people a lot about that person. Clothes are widely considered a form of personal expression, communicating to the world an individual’s personality, preferences, and priorities. There are a multitude of styles one can choose from that best fit the kind of persona he/she would like to […]