Taylor Swift Takes Us Back to “1989”

When it was first announced that Taylor Swift’s new record was going to be pop instead of country, I have to admit I was already disappointed with the album. How could the girl who moved to Nashville to be a country artist just decide one day that she can change her style without any effort? I was one of the skeptics when the album 1989 was finally released on Oct. 27, but I crossed my fingers, hit play, and surprisingly fell in love with the new Swift. The theme of moving on instead of dwelling in heartbreak somehow made this album shockingly catchy.


The Committed Pig Commits to Good Eats

Manasquan Restaurant Offers Unique Burgers and Breakfast Options

Who needs to be in a committed relationship when you can be committed to the next best thing; food? The Committed Pig, located in Manasquan, NJ, will make you wonder how you ever ate a hamburger somewhere else. A little over 30 minutes away from campus, the drive will most definitely be worth it.


Delicious Delivery around the clock

Restaurants Around the University Offer Delivery Services and Low Prices

It seems like no matter where a college student is, if they are awake at 1 am, they are hungry. After all the dining halls are closed, there is only one option left, delivery. One of the many great things about the location of the University is that we are close to many delicious places that are willing to deliver until the wee hours of the morning.


The Turning Point In Your Day

Restaurant Offers Unique Menu and Beachside Dining Experience

It is hard enough waking up for an early morning class, let alone doing it with a smile on your face. You are running too late to get coffee, lines at the Dining Hall or the Rebecca Stafford Student Center are too long and those granola bars you bought two months ago have lost their flavor. The promise you made to yourself to get a bagel after class comes to a quick halt when you realize you are sick of the same old thing.


Noodles & Company Provides Good Eats Close to University

No matter how many times you walk around the food court at Monmouth Mall to get your free samples, your options will not change. If you take just a few short steps away from the food court, you will find yourself at one of the newest additions to the mall; Noodles & Company. A restaurant that opened in Nov. 2013, Noodles & Company allows you to take a journey through noodle heaven. Whether one is in the mood for some Japanese pan noodles or the traditional Italian spaghetti and meatballs, this place has got you covered.