MU Professors Serve on ISFW New York Team at UN Conference in Geneva

Michael Cronin, Ph.D., and Anne Deepak, Ph.D., Associate Professors in the School of Social Work, traveled to Geneva, Switzerland, this past June to represent the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) United Nations (UN) Commission at the strategic planning meeting. The IFSW exists to represent and present social work perspectives to the UN and their […]


Netflix and Priscilla Presley Release New Series, Agent Elvis

In March 2023, Netflix and Priscilla Presley, ex-wife of Elvis Presley and current executor of the Presley estate, released the new show Agent Elvis. After Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, recently passed in January, all executive functions over Elvis Presley’s name, likeness rights, music, and memorabilia— including his home and museum in Memphis, Tennessee— […]


Holes in the Education System

Today, there are major issues disrupting the education of America’s youth. Though there are many reasons for our lack of positive educational outcomes, one of the most blatant factors is the nationwide shortage of teachers. Infamous school reputations, inadequate pay and benefits, and safety risks are discouraging people from the profession. “The profession was vilified […]

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Blue Hawk Records Prepare to Unveil First All-Female Record

Monmouth University’s student-run record label Blue Hawk Records is producing its 21st compilation album, which features only female artists for the first time ever. Over the course of the academic year, University students and affiliates work with Blue Hawk Records to produce two compilation albums that often feature music from several genres. This semester, the […]