Stay Away Ladder

Stay Away From the Ladder

What Makes Friday the 13th Unlucky

Three times this year, many people will be especially careful to avoid stepping under ladders, spotting a black cat, or being associated with the number 13. Their steps will be a little more careful and their minds a little more on edge. So why is this? Because in 2012, there will be three Friday the 13ths.

Thirty Four Counting

Thirty-Four Years and Counting at the University

As busy members of the Universi-ty community, we sometimes forget all of the work that goes behind find-ing our professors, organizing our esteemed curriculums, and financ-ing our residence halls and extracur-ricular activities. However, standing behind all of these imperative deci-sions is Provost Thomas Pearson, Vice President for Academic Af-fairs, who is the longest standing Provost in the Northeast.

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For the Love of Pets!

What Happens When Your Pets Take Over Your Life

Anthony Salvatore, six-feet-tall and 250 pounds, is crouching on the ground holding a loaf of stale bread in his hand with a smile plastered across his face. “Here ducks! Here ducky ducky!” he calls, as nine brown ducks come hopping up to him from Indian Lake, to eat out of his hand. No, this is not Tony Soprano, this is a 47-year-old plumber from Denville, New Jersey.