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Bright Lights, Big City

I get bad headaches sometimes when I go to lecture halls. I really believe it’s the bright lights. Does this make any sense?

Your question is shared by many students, because the college lifestyle often increases the risk for headaches. Researchers claim that headaches and their causes is an understudied and overlooked subject where students are involved. Your question does make a lot of sense, so let us find out why.

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Group Therapy

I was invited to join a study group. I think more time will be spent gossiping than studying. Are there any real benefits to a study group?

Your basic yes or no question leads to awareness of an entirely new approach to learning, social learning theory. It is now entering our educational system and going to have a large impact on the future.

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Gigabyte Girl

I know Sheryl Sandberg is the COO of Facebook. Why don’t I see more women in computer classes?

This is a particularly sensitive question. The doors are open, but many women choose not to enter into the world of computers. What is happening at elementary school through college that may lead girls on a different path?

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Medical Migrant

Next semester I will be studying in Asia. My parents want all possible medical issues handled before I leave. Are they worrying too much?

The quick answer is that you are not worrying enough. Around 35,000 American students will be studying in Asia during this academic year. Preparing for student travel abroad is a maze of ‘what if’ questions. You have medical insurance, but you do not speak the local language and do not know where to find the nearest hospital. This situation means you did not properly plan in advance.

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Transfer Two-Step

I know several people that transferred to another college. What is wrong with our school?

Sounds like you are satisfied with college life here and your friends may have felt the same. They are probably not running away, but transferring to another college that better meets their needs. We will give you an overview of transfer statistics and reasons which will surprise you.

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A Sad Truth

As a student, I have seen alcohol abuse and several classmates become depressed. I have not seen any action by the university. Why does our school have a passive policy on these issues?

This question should be posted at nearly every university. Nationwide, over 1,800 students die every year from alcohol-related incidents and over 600,000 are injured as a direct result of excess consumption. Depression and suicide can be the final chapter for others, without counseling. So why is the response administrative torpor to America’s long-standing social problems?

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Valedictorian Vicissitude

I am not at the top of my class. Do I have a chance to make any real money in my career?

We are all wondering the same thing, is the world ruled by Harvard dropouts who create mega-online companies? Here is good news for you. A study of over seven hundred American millionaires showed their average college GPA was 2.9. Do students graduating with top grades have assurance of financial success?

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Driving Blind

There was a report that a research program for self-driving cars was approved for New Jersey. While I appreciate that my generation is witnessing the advent of revolutionary technology, I also feel that these cars will never be safe on the road. Read this and tell me whether am I right or wrong.

We typically receive questions and work to answer them. You have already done our job, making a persuasive argument against driverless cars. I will take your ideas and present them here, with thoughts and responses from industry observers.

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Our college welcomes students from all nations, with many from China. In today’s economy, should I study foreign business and International relations?

The answer to your question radically depends on what type of business you want to do. China is recognized as the world’s second-largest economy. There are enormous opportunities for business inside China, as well as US import-export. However, the welcome mat is not fully extended to foreigners who want to do business in China. Let us discuss the reasons and how you personally can prepare.