Tokyo Twilight 1

Tokyo Twilight: The Films of Yasujiro Ozu

In Tokyo Story, an aging mother and father from a small village go to Tokyo to visit their adult children, but when they arrive, their children don’t have any time for them. In Late Spring, Noriko is a beautiful young lady who would like to marry, but she doesn’t want to leave her father all by himself. In Equinox Flower, a daughter refuses an arranged marriage to choose her own spouse, but her stern father has a difficult time accepting her decision.


Gretal & Hansel Is Lost in the Woods

Fairy tales are usually filled with magic and happy endings. The Ugly Duckling turned into a beautiful swan, Snow White woke up from the Prince’s kiss, and Shrek married Fiona. While Hansel & Gretel was never really the most uplifting tale (ya know, with the witch burning in the oven at the end), director Oz Perkins’ adaptation makes the tale a little bit stranger, a lot more artsy, and adds a feminist angle.


Putting Down the Ritz: What’s the Future for Art House and Independent Theaters?

On Jan. 26, Philadelphia lost a landmark. No, I’m not talking about the Liberty Bell, City Hall, or Jim’s Steaks on South Street; but the beloved movie theater Ritz at the Bourse. After 30 years of operations, the Cohen Media Group, who purchased Landmark Cinemas that owns the three Ritz theaters in Philly, decided to close the five-screen multiplex that specialized in showing unique art house, international, and independent movies.