womens basketball picking up steam

Women’s Basketball Team Picking Up Steam

Hawks Have Won Their Last Seven Games After Starting 3-8

The saying “there’s no place like home” could not have been truer for the Lady Hawks basketball team this break. While most of the students of the University were rewarded with a winter break, the same could not be said about their team. From December 21 to January 16, the women competed in six games. Heading into the month-long break, the women held a losing record of 3-8. By January 15, the Hawks managed to improve their record to an even 8-8 by winning five consecutive games.

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The Gun Show || Monmouth University: Where Leaders Look Forward…To The Pros

Monmouth University; the small private college planted in the heart of the Jersey Shore, surely cannot produce professional quality athletes, correct? There is much doubt that a school of such size and caliber will ever contribute to the ranks of the NFL, NBA, MLB and various other professional outlets…Boy could that assumption be farther from right! Monmouth University, since its inception, has seen its share of draft picks and names heard once or twice on nationally broadcast television.