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Why You Should Join Greek Life

Why Greek LifeLooking for an easy way to meet new people and get involved on campus? Greek Life may be the perfect option for you. Monmouth University’s Greek organizations on campus have created unity amongst students, reward through philanthropy, and ultimately, a sense of belonging for all of those involved. Just as with other clubs and sports, stereotypes are made about Greek organizations that may have one thinking Greek Life is not for them. Some of these stereotypes include that sororities and fraternities only value partying and that students in these organizations pay for their friends.

While Greek students acknowledge that these misleading myths are nothing more than that—myths, these rumors often deter students from getting involved each year.

Just like those students, sophomore Cassandra Cinque, sister of Alpha Xi Delta, initially experienced a similar hesitation towards Greek Life. “When I first arrived as a freshman, I was not sure if I even wanted to go out for recruitment,” she shared. “I was very iffy about the whole idea of being in a sorority after hearing rumors and did not know exactly what membership would entail. However, after I attended a couple of events, my suspicions were put to ease. I got the opportunity to meet and chat with some of the girls and I remember thinking, ‘Wow these girls are really cool and I could actually see myself fitting in with them.’ When recruitment came around, I decided, ‘Why Not?’ and went for it. Thank God I did, because I would have never found my home at Alpha Xi Delta and I would have missed out on the friendships with all of my wonderful sisters.”

While Cinque’s interest for Greek Life sparked her freshman year, students are encouraged to get involved at any time during their college experience. Senior Randy Cabrera, brother of Sigma Tau Gamma, said, “When I transferred my junior year, I really didn’t know anyone and I only had two years of college left. That motivated me to join a fraternity. I was surprised by how fast I was able to make friendships and that my brothers shared the same values as I did.”

Cabrera added, “The philanthropy aspect of Greek Life also really interested me. STG supports Special Olympics and the Michael McNeil Foundation. Through our charity and social events, Sigma Tau Gamma has given me lasting friendships and a new sense of purpose on campus.”

Assistant Director of Student Activities for Fraternity and Sorority Life, Michele Kaplan, also encourages students to consider going Greek. “Greek organizations are values based and give students an opportunity to get involved with something outside of the campus which aligns with their values,” said Kaplan. 

Kaplan continued, “Being a sorority woman throughout my collegiate career enabled me to develop into a better version of myself both personally and professionally. I knew I wanted to continue my Greek journey and help other women realize their potential.”

Whether your motivation for joining is to make friends or simply to tell your parents you are getting involved on campus, Greek students will agree that your letters will leave with so much more.

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