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Student Activities Board Helps Students “Bee the Change”

SBA Bee the ChangeThe Student Activities Board held its event, Bee the Change, on the Rebecca Stafford Student Center patio Wednesday Oct. 11.

The purpose of the event was for the club to promote and raise awareness about the declining bee population. The club set up on the patio and stayed outdoors from 12 p.m. until 3 p.m.

The event consisted of a table with an array of goodies for students to take in order to get their attention and create a greater understanding of how much bees influence and effect everyday lives.

Members of the Student Activities Board handed out free water bottles with labels saying, “Thanks for buzzing by” and jars of honey with bee facts written on attached labels. Students were also able to help themselves to beehive and bee shaped cookies,  as well as black and yellow bee-themed cupcakes. The club made sure to get students actively involved by writing things that makes them happy on paper bees to hang on a “Reasons to Bee Happy” sign and promote further awareness.

Senior marketing major Tianna Fougeray and Novelties chair for the Student Activities Board helped work the event. “Bee the Change was all about promoting bee awareness. As students would walk by our table set up on the patio, we would ask them to write down ways to ‘bee’ happy. From there, they could pick out their own jar of honey with an attached bee fact and help themselves to cookies and cupcakes as well. Members of SAB hung up each response on a poster. It was great to see all of the responses hung up together. This event was amazing because it showed how our lives without bees would be totally different and there is a lot for us to ‘bee’ happy about,” the senior said.

According to Lindsey Smith, Assistant Director of Student Activities and adviser for SAB, the event was very successful. “The Bee the Change event was an awesome event to promote awareness of the declining bee population. The Awareness chair, Kendall, did a great job incorporating facts about bees and how they influence the whole food pyramid, but also had a good interactive activity to get people involved at the table,” she said.

Junior Kendall Lotosky, Awareness Chair for the Student Activities Board who was in charge of the event was also happy to see how well the event turned out. “As Awareness Chair for Student Activities Board, I was ecstatic to see my first event come together so well. It was great to have not only students, but professors as well come up to the table and ask about the event and to compliment SAB as a whole. Individuals seemed very interested in the event, ‘Bee the Change’ which only makes me more excited to raise awareness for more causes and bring them to attention,” Lotosky said.

Lookout for more events from the Student Activities Board to help increase your awareness of issues happening around you!

PHOTO COURTESY of Tianna Fougeray

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