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The Financial Planning Club: An Asset To You

Financial Planning ClubHave you ever received a credit card bill in the mail and asked, “Wait, did I really spend $200 on Chinese food this month?” How about at the beginning of the semester where you asked, “How

am I going to spend $600 on books again?”

To become better antiquated with financial needs, the Financial Planning Club is here to help!

The goal of the FPC is to pro-mote and spread financial literacy throughout the campus and community by holding workshops, public speaking events, and meetings. It’s their first year as an officially recognized club on campus, and membership is open to all majors because financial literacy is important for everyone.

Thus far, the FPC has held two events. In Sept., the club hosted its introductory general members meeting.

At the meeting in Magill Commons, the founding executive board members and advisers introduced themselves to their fellow new members. Over some refreshments, the FPC officers went over the goals of club and listened to ideas from members as to what events they would like to hold in the future.

Last month, the club organized their first financial literacy event on the topic of credit cards. FPC President Joe Fantozzi gave a presentation on the matter, where he informed members of what a credit card is, how to responsibly use it, and the repercussions if utilized wrongly.

Freshman business major Will Lukens said the event was “in-formative.” “I had a general understanding of credit cards before the event, but now I know what to look out for to be a responsible card holder.”

“Joe spoke about how a credit card could actually be used for your advantage,” continued Lukens. “If you use a card responsibly from the start, you’ll build a strong credit score. The stronger your score is, the more likely you are to get a good rate on a mortgage or the opportunity of a loan down the line.”

Although the club is known for helping college students gain a better understanding of financial literacy, they also assist high schoolers. President Fantozzi, Marketing Chair Gianni Mazzone, and the FPC’s two advisors, professors Matt Lifson and Jeff Christakos, participate in the Financial Literacy Program, where high school students from the area visit the University throughout the week to learn the basics of financial planning. The FPC understands that financial literacy is a topic that’s important across all ages.

To further strengthen their ties to the community, the FPC also participated in the recent Trunk-or-Treat event held at the University, where parents and children of the area came by to celebrate Halloween. For the afternoon, the executive board members wore spectacular costumes like Thor and Gumby, and gave out candy to the little members of our community.

As the FPC continues to grow and make a difference for the community, they would love to have you become a part of their founding year on campus. Throughout the academic year, the FPC will hold speaking events and workshops, along with the possibility of offering internship opportunities.

The club’s next event will be held on Nov. 15 at 7:30 p.m. in Bey Hall’s H.R. Young Auditorium, where a financial speaker will provide guidance on critical monetary topics. Refreshments will be served and all majors are welcome to join.

To stay updated with the FPC and their events, follow them across all social media platforms @MUFPC or sign up for their updates by contacting their email address, fpc@

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