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Blue Hawk Records Have Found New Voices

BHR New VoicesBlue Hawk Records’ latest compilation album is underway and the Faces of Fourteen are fi­nally here!

Blue Hawk Records latest compilation album is underway and the Faces of Fourteen are finally here!

Studio time is being booked as the newly accepted artists are perfecting their tracks for future listeners far and wide. This album is beaming with the originality from artists of many backgrounds, majors, and styles never heard before at Blue Hawk Records. From EDM to Neo Soul, there are varying sounds and artistic per­spectives for every audience.

The compilation albums are released at the end of each se­mester on major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. Blue Hawk Records is pleased to announce the artists who will be featured on the up­coming album: Kristen Wilcze­wski, Francesca Fuentes, Max Adolf, Mani Kissling, William Biedebach, Roman Smith, and Justin Richards.

Featured guitarist, Max Ad­olf described his experiences as a performer, “I’ve always found that there is a lot of joy in music when shared.” Adolf has paired up with junior Fran­cesca Fuentes for their song, “Jealousy.” The two began working together just this year when Francesca heard Max on the 13th Blue Hawk Album, Superstition. When she showed him the original she had been writing they decided to com­bine their talents.

“He started adding his own flavor to the arrangement and we were having so much fun with it we decided to audition. This song is different from my previous releases ‘P.T.L.’ & ‘Rock W Me,’ so I’m anxious to start working” Fuentes said.

Max also commented on the success of their duo, “We have really great musical chemis­try… I am really excited to get some of that out there for peo­ple to see.” The song uses a ser­enading melody to tell the story of two women in love with the same man. Senior Music Indus­try majors, Mani Kissling and William Biedebach “B.J.” are also bringing their talent into the spotlight this semester with their song, “Into The Jungle.” Mani expressed her excitement to be involved in this project, “We’ve been making music for a little bit now and figured it would be cool to get one of our songs on the album. So we’re pretty pumped to be given the opportunity!”

With the wheels now turn­ing, the Industry program and featured artists are preparing to record, perform, and release an album that is sure to be a new favorite. So keep an eye out for the album release and get a taste of the refreshing talent around Monmouth University’s music community!

PHOTO TAKEN by Rachel Wilson

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