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Volume 91 (Fall 2018 - Spring 2019)

Steel Magnolias Comes to Woods Theatre

Steel Magnolias Woods TheatreThe MU Players have been working hard to produce this year’s spring play, Steel Magnolias, at Woods Theatre.  With a few weeks until showtime, the cast and crew have spent weeks rehearsing.

The play for Steel Magnolias was written in 1987 by Robert Harling and has since been adapted into a film starring Dolly Parton, Sally Field, Julia Roberts, and more in 1989.  The play is about the bond of six women in Northern Louisiana.  Shelby Eatenton-Lacherie, performed by sophomore TV/Radio student London Jones, goes into Truvy’s beauty salon on her wedding day.  Truvy is played by Erin Clemente.  There, are frequent customers Clairee, played by Kara D’Antoni, Ouiser, played by Rachel Wilson, and new beautician Annelle, played by Katie Roeder.  Lastly, Shelby’s mother, M’Lynn, played by Sam Truglio, arrives in the shop, and the six of them discuss big topics, like ugly marriages, violence, and child-rearing.

Directed by John Burke, Ph.D., Director of Theatre Arts and Associate Professor, is happy with the result of his students’ work so far.  “I chose this play because there a lot of moments that have to be just right,” said Burke.  “The students have been learning as they go.”

D’Antoni, a senior communication student, has had to practice her Louisiana accent for this role.  “We all listened to previous actors’ performances of each role and how they captured these characters,” she said.  “It’s been a lot of trial and error, but we’re getting stronger with it.”

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Best Buddies Chapter Strives to Become University-Recognized Club

Best Buddies ChapterThe Best Buddies chapter of Monmouth University is awaiting approval from the Student Government Association (SGA) in order to become recognized as an official club after their interest meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 30.

According to their official website, Best Buddies is an organization that promotes friendships by pairing members with a buddy, a person with an intellectual and developmental disability such as Autism or Down syndrome. David Fasolino, a freshman history education student and Vice President of the chapter, said that bringing the chapter to the University began as an idea in fall of 2018.  The process officially began once Fasolino contacted the staff of Best Buddies in New Jersey.

According to Brianna Thorn, a junior interdisciplinary student and President of the Best Buddies chapter, starting a club and becoming approved by SGA.

Thorn said that the approval process begins with presenting to the SGA Board.  After listening to the presentation and viewing the roster, SGA will decide whether Best Buddies becomes a formal club on campus.

Amy Bellina, the Director of Student Activities, said that the Best Buddies Executive Board has been in communication with SGA prior to their presentation. The e-board prepares any expected questions, answers to those questions, and logistics of the presentation.

Bellina said, “If for some reason there are questions about Best Buddies that were unanswered for some reason, [SGA] could tell them to come back…if it’s a ‘no,’ they instituted recently an appeal process.”

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Club and Greek Announcements 02-13-19

default article imageWMCX

WMCX is a student-run rado station, and we’ve been Rockin’ the Shore since ‘74. Learn how to operate the studio’s machinery, make cnnections, and host your own show! Meetings are held every other Wednesday in Plangere 236 at 3:15.

If you’re interested in joining, contact Ali Nugent at s1096530@monmouth.edu


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Memorial Vigil for Dane Fante

default article imageFeb. 3 marked the official one-year anniversary of the death of Dane Matthew Fante, a well-known and loved Monmouth student was killed in a fatal car accident after leaving a fraternity party. To show support, the Monmouth University community hosted a vigil in Anacon Hall in remembrance of Fante on Feb. 6.

Every seat was filled and there were numerous students standing. Many students involved with Greek life, athletic teams, and campus organizations attended.

Fante was riding passenger to Jose Rivera, another brother of Tau Kappa Epsilon from Lyndhurts, NJ. Both men were intoxicated. The sedan they were driving veered off the road and struck a tree.

Fante was rushed to Monmouth Medical Center and pronounced dead shortly after. Rivera was treated at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune for non-life threatening injuries.

Tau Kappa Epsilon was shut down by their national chapter and by the University in the spirng 2018 semester following the news of Dane’s death and for hazing allegations.

Tara Layser, a senior social work student and the girlfriend of Fante, spoke at the event. “The first few weeks Dane was gone, I isolated myself from everyone I loved, and laid in bed, just so mad at the world.”

As anyone would assume, this type of tragedy would drive anyone to a similar reaction.

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New Club on Campus: The College Democrats

College DemocratsMonmouth students have joined together to bring a College Democrats club to campus. The College Democrats of Monmouth University is an organization that will focus on spreading and promoting the beliefs of the Democratic Party and getting students more involved in the political process.

Political science students have been voicing an interest in establishing the club on campus, and after discussion and cooperation, the Club became officially recognized by the Student Government Association early this semester in the budgetary process.

Until this year, there has only been a College Republicans of Monmouth University, and with the forming of the College Democrats on campus, there hopes to be more involvement from students in politics.

“I knew the Republican Club president well and thought it would be a great opportunity to have a Democratic club as well,” said Landon Myers, a senior political science student who serves as President of the College Democrats of Monmouth University.

The club has already hosted an event with Congressman Frank Pallone this month with local Democratic organizations, and it plans to have more events in the future with other elected officials and those involved in politics. 

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Club and Greek Announcements 01-30-19

default article imageWMCX

WMCX is a student-run rado station, and we’ve been Rockin’ the Shore since ‘74. Learn how to operate the studio’s machinery, make cnnections, and host your own show! Meetings are held every other Wednesday in Plangere 236 at 3:15.

If you’re interested in joining, contact Ali Nugent at s1096530@monmouth.edu


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Setting Sail on the Seas

Setting Sail on SeasWhat better way is there to embrace the culture of our coastal university than by joining the Monmouth University Sailing Team? 

Learn a skill that lasts a lifetime, travel up and down the east coast competing against other colleges and universities, and make new friends in the process! 

The MU Sailing Team has been a part of our university’s history for many years and is continuing to grow and evolve.  The team consists of both beginners and lifelong sailors, which creates an environment that you cannot find on other collegiate teams.

Our team is open to sailors of all experience levels. There is both a co-ed and a women’s sailing team. Monmouth University owns a fleet of 18 Flying Junior (FJ) sailboats which were purchased through the support of generous alumni, benefactors, and local businesses.  Having a large fleet of boats allows our school to host regattas in the fall and spring semesters and to host practices with other local colleges and high school teams.

We are a club team at Monmouth, and we aim to practice 3-4 times per week during the fall and spring seasons. Practices will resume around March.  Dry suits are provided for the spring season. Practices are very dependent on weather (too much wind, not enough wind, rain) but usually run about 2 hours. Members are encouraged to come to as many practices as they can.

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Turning Tragedy Into Progress

Tragedy Into ProgressMonmouth University had the honor to host an impactful event pertaining to the son of Jim and Evelyn Piazza, entitled “Turning Tragedy into Progress.”  The event was held in Pollak Theatre on Jan. 28, and every seat was filled.

Their son, Timothy Piazza, was a pledge for the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity at Penn State University in February of 2017.  Piazza underwent severe hazing rituals, one in which ultimately ended his life. Piazza’s family were devastated by their loss of a son, who was also a brother, a boyfriend, a friend, and most importantly, someone they loved dearly. 

Evelyn Piazza spoke on their experience with the tragedy. “He was an amazing person who was hazed, and then ignored, tortured, and then left to die because the fraternity did not want to get in trouble,” she said.

Jim Piazza spoke about how his life, Evelyn’s life, as well as the people that loved and cared for him, how their lives were altered due to Tim’s passing. He said, “We can’t be around for Christmas anymore. Birthdays, graduations, everything is a reminder that he’s not with us anymore. That he’s gone, and he shouldn’t be. It was all because of reckless behavior and no one willing to do the right thing.”

Senior Nursing Major, Samantha Albinson, a senior nursing student and a sister of Alpha Sigma Tau and a senior said, “The fact that it was Tim’s parents had a much larger impact than if it were a student or administrator speaking.  Clearly, the whole audience was moved, and it hit a lot harder than most people would have thought.” 

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Club and Greek Announcements 12-05-18

default article imageWMCX

WMCX is a student-run rado station, and we’ve been Rockin’ the Shore since ‘74. Learn how to operate the studio’s machinery, make cnnections, and host your own show! Meetings are held every other Wednesday in Plangere 236 at 3:15.

If you’re interested in joining, contact Ali Nugent at s1096530@monmouth.edu

 Hawk TV News

Hawk TV News is looking for vibrant and interested students who want to be reporters, writers, anchors, and much more. You do not need to be a communication major to be a part of this organization.Hawk TV News is looking for vibrant and interested students who want to be reporters, writers, anchors, and much more. You do not need to be a communication major to be a part of this organization.

If you are interested e-mail us at s0933548@monmouth.edu or meet us on Wednesdays in JP 138 at 3:15 p.m.

 College Democrats Interest Group

There will be a College Democrats Interest Group meeting held in Bey Hall 226, the Center for Active Citizenship. All who are interested in attending should come to hear about how to become involved in left-of-center political activities. Events will be held throughout the year, some in unison with the College Republicans. For more information, or any questions or concerns, contact Landon Myers at s1132749@monmouth.edu.

The Outlook

The Outlook is looking for students interested in writing for the student-run newspaper. Sections include News, Opinion, Politics, Lifestyles, Features, Entertainment, Club & Greek, and Sports. No prior experience is necessary. The Outlook fulfills practicum. 

If you are interested, please e-mail outlook@monmouth.edu and come to our meeting during club meeting time. We hope to see you there!

WMCX Goes to the Dentist

WMCX DentistWMCX held its second Lecture Series on Nov. 30 in Plangere Room 235.

The Lecture Series is a concert in a classroom followed by an on-air interview. This concert featured the bands Hengine, Solo Dolor, The Boogieman, with indie-surf punk band Dentist headlining.

Dentist has had a productive 2018; they performed at SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas and were named one of the Top 10 performers at the festival, gathered critical acclaim from NPR, Flood, and Stereogum Magazine, and dropped a new album entitled Night Swimming through Cleopatra Records.

The concert was free and open to the public, and was catered with free pizza.  The audience was a blend of Monmouth students and local community students.

Molly Fichter, a junior communication student and Production Director for WMCX, oversaw the concert from a central table headquarters covered in wires, speakers, and a control panel.  “I’m happy because we’ve taken the success of one event and broke it up,” said Fichter.  “We’ve learned lessons and will continue to make the Lecture Series better.”

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SAB Lights up The Campus

SAB Lights CampusThe Student Activities Board (SAB) at Monmouth University held the first ever Winter Illumination on Friday Nov. 30 on the Residential side of campus. 

SAB specializes in the majority of the school’s special events, festivals, and concerts held this event which featured crafts and refreshments.

5678 Dance Club took the stage promptly at 7:15 p.m., and as they were dancing all of the lights turned on.

Emily Loughman, a first year art student said, “It was epic.”

As the lights turned on at the event, Melania Pugliese, a junior biology student, was attending with her girlfriend when she stated, “It was fun and cute. I enjoyed the crafts, stuffing the reindeer was so relaxing and a great way to distress before finals.”

There was an estimated 200-300 students turn out for the evening, along with multiple staff and community members.  The overall event as the chairman stated had multiple elements that just all worked well together. The live performances gave students something fresh every three minutes.  The cultural organizations that were present were making crafts with participants.  According to various attendees, it was a unique way for students to learn more about one another’s celebrations, and try things such as play dreidel, or make your own ornaments.

On top of that, the lights added elegance to the evening. That, along with the hot pretzels and hot chocolate, created a sweet atmosphere and something fun to munch on to keep you toasty. Throughout the night, MU Players performed various numbers, along with Blue Hawk Records and CommWorks.

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