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Wizards Welcome at Monmouth

Wizards MonmouthThe wizarding world of Harry Potter has made its way to Monmouth University with a new club called The Order of the Phoenix.

Along with seven books, eight movies, a series of video games, boundless merchandise, and wizardly theme parks, the club is paying homage to the 25 billion dollar franchise while bringing the Potterheads of Monmouth University together.

The club began as an interest group at the involvement fair this past September before getting approved by the Student Government Association (SGA) in the first week of October. Now that the club is officially recognized by the University, the e-board is more than ready to set their plans in motion.

“It’s everything Harry Potter themed that you can possibly think of,” said Alyssa Bogan, junior health studies student and Co-President of The Order of The Phoenix.

The club hopes to plan a bunch of Harry Potter themed events, such as a Yule Ball in the winter, movie nights throughout the year, and a Quidditch tournament—Hogwarts’ beloved competitive sport—in the spring. The e-board is even planning a trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Florida over spring break.

However, Monmouth’s newest club hasn’t found its way to Gringotts Wizarding Bank yet.

“The biggest challenge right now is that we can’t apply for a budget until next year because we’re a new club,” said Bogan. “It makes it hard for new clubs to even get off the ground and get going.”

However, this financial obstacle has never stopped the e-board from carrying out the magic of their club. As of now, the board members are anticipating to obtain a budget through T-shirt and plant fundraisers as well as Harry Potter-themed bake sales.

Wizards Monmouth 2The e-board will also fundraise through the club’s two big events, the Quidditch Tournament and the Yule Ball, which will be open to the entire campus.

“We really want the Quidditch Tournament to be a charitable event,” said Bogan. “Hopefully, we’re going to partner with the Student Activities Board (SAB) and the Inclusion Chair to collect admission from the teams that sign up, and most of that will get donated to charity.” Bogan wishes to donate to either a sports-related organization like Special Olympics, or JK Rowling’s non-profit organization, called Lumos, that helps reunite disadvantaged children in orphanages with their families.

Aside from philanthropic efforts, The Order of the Phoenix was created as a fun, enjoyable club for its members to bond over their favorite novel and film series.

The idea for the club originated in the spring semester of last year. Bogan was a member of a Harry Potter Club as a student at Seton Hall University before transferring to Monmouth. With sophomore history student Nick Testa, the two became Co-presidents of The Order of the Phoenix, creating a welcoming space for students to appreciate the Harry Potter world.

Testa said that his favorite part of the club is, “The fact that we’re able to get people to come together and celebrate the legacy that Harry Potter’s had over the many years that it’s been around.”

The e-board is hoping to expand their club beyond their sixty members while leaving a legacy for the underclassmen and future Hawks who also hold Harry Potter close to their hearts.

“I hope that once Nick and I graduate, it doesn’t just fizzle out,” said Bogan. “It’s going to be about electing people to the e-board who are going to be dedicated towards it even though we’re not here anymore.”

“We hope that we can get as many people as we can, because Harry Potter is a big thing in our generation and we’re just here to celebrate the impact not only on the board members, but just on the world in general,” said Testa.

The incredibly dedicated e-board strives to maintain a social, lighthearted environment for their club to commemorate the legacy of Harry Potter outside the realm of academics.

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