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Sports Industry Club Hosts Bleacher Report's Jen Zudonyi

Sports IndustryOn this past Wednesday, the Sports Industry Club held a meeting with Bleacher Report’s Director of Brand Marketing and Monmouth Alum, Jen Zudonyi. Her talk provided detailed insight of her job and her history getting to the prominent position she is in today. She talked the audience through the importance of Marketing and how the metrics influence the decisions she has to make in her job.

At Bleacher Report, one of her biggest responsibilities is how to model a campaign and connecting with target audiences. From creating original content to overseeing the design of Bleacher Report’s app, Zudonyi’s hands are in it all. Her job is comprehensive. She admitted in the meeting that she has to “be part of the creative team and learn to incorporate other factors,” when making decisions for her and the company.

Bleacher Report has had countless accolades since its inception. From recognizing Bleacher Report as one of the leaders in sports reporting, to getting a Sports Emmy Award nomination for their work on their “Game of Zones” online production, they have been in the forefront of the industry.

Zudonyi’s job is a position that requires a great deal of responsibility, heightened by BR’s influence in the sports world. Over past couple of years, Bleacher Report has helped broadcast the UEFA Champion’s League, the world’s most watched soccer tournament. This has grown Bleacher Report, and having to market the event requires a campaign that is artistic, culturally fluid, and wide reaching. All of these elements factor into Zudonyi’s daily operations when processing how to approach projects.

Before working for Bleacher Report, Zudonyi was a Senior Manager of Brand Marketing for Major League Baseball. Her efforts helped launch memorable campaigns that are still recognizable. These campaigns include, “Let the Kids Play,” and “Shred Hate,” which was a collaboration with ESPN. Campaigns like that she said, “requires a good amount of planning and can be stressful.” She recalled seeing artists upset when their work was not chosen for a project. She said that despite the challenges, “the end results are rewarding”.

Zudonyi’s experience enlightened the audience with a good understanding of what goes into a marketing campaign and how to effectively polish a brand. From creating original content, choreographing live music and art during All Star weekend, merchandise customization, and creating exclusive items for them, Zudonyi has done it all. With her giving students a glimpse into her field, the audience could envision what is possible in the Sports Marketing industry.  


PHOTO COURTESY of Bleacher Report

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