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Memoirs of an (Almost) Monmouth Transfer Student | Heather Muh's Senior Goodbye


Four years ago if you had asked me what I thought my college experience was going to be like I would have explained something completely different than the experience I actually had. I grew up in the West Long Branch area. I spent my entire life here, so when it came to college, I wanted to get as far away from here as possible. I wanted to go to a big college with rowdy sports games and hundreds of people I didn’t know. Instead, I ended up at Monmouth.

I was not happy with this decision at first. While my friends were away at colleges experiencing new people and places, I was stuck in the same town I grew up in. While my friends were going to huge parties and football games with thousands of spectators, I had virtually no social life and avoided my school’s football games because no one else seemed to be interested in them. By the end of the fall semester of my freshman year I was looking for other schools I could transfer to.

Fast forward four years and you’ll notice that I am still here. I did not transfer. Instead, I made a decision to give Monmouth one more shot and try to get involved in order to meet new people. I became a part of Greek life. I joined The Outlook staff. I took my college experience into my own hands and turned it into what I wanted.

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Now, as an about-to-graduate-senior reminiscing on my past four years of college, I can safely say that, while my experience may not have been what I had initially hoped for, it changed me for the better by bringing people into my life that I never would have met had I gone after what I thought I wanted.

To my parents: When we decided that I was going to become a Hawk, I was bitter that I was stuck here while all of my friends got to travel and experience new cities and states. I thought that in order to find myself I needed to get away. I took me until recently to realize that it’s not about where you are, it’s about what you make of it. I am so thankful for everything you two do for me each and every day, and I am grateful for the time we have spent together over the past four years that other kids who “went away” to college probably didn’t have with their parents. Our relationships have changed since I left high school, but they have changed for the better. I love you guys.

To Alpha Xi Delta: You beautiful and intelligent ladies are the reason I made it four years here. I would have transferred freshmen year if I hadn’t found you guys, and for that I am eternally grateful. Since day one of recruitment until now, the women of this organization have made me feel like I don’t have to be anyone but myself in order to be loved. I know some of us might be closer than others, but know that I will forever have any of your backs in any situation, and I know you will do the same, because it’s truly “not four years, it’s for life.”  Keep helping women realize their potential. TFJ.

10888745 10206186562202242 5704441373833091603 nTo Corinne, Nicole, and Jackie: This year has been an adventure to say the least. When we were looking for houses over the summer and joked about just pitching a tent on the beach and living there, I don’t think any of us thought we would almost literally be living in a tent on the beach. But you know what? I love our little crappy gingerbread house because I love the memories we are going to have from it. I think the three of us could have lived anywhere and made memories though. You guys have been my rock from the start. I love you all differently but equally, and I can honestly say I could not imagine my senior year living with anyone but you three. Hoeland forever <3

To my little: Melissa you are incredible. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. You are hands down the most unwaveringly hard-working person I have ever met. I am so blessed that you came into my life. We are definitely two of the most absurd(ly awesome) people ever, and have therefore made some of the greatest memories I have. Don’t think that just because I’m graduating that I’m going anywhere. I’m probably going to bug you even more next year when I’m bored and unemployed and you’re living up your senior year. Ugh. I’m old. Anyway. You are amazing and you are going to do amazing things with your life. Don’t ever change.corinne

To The Outlook: Without you guys, I would most likely be leaving college with absolutely no clue what I want to do in the future. You guys are seriously some of the most dedicated, hard-working, inspirational people I have ever met, and I hope some of that has rubbed off on me. There is no doubt in my mind that you are all going to go on to become insanely successful. As for me, do I know exactly what I want to be when I leave here? Not quite. But I do know that because of having the fortune of working with you guys, I am inspired and determined to be something great, as I am sure you will all be.

Oh and to all the heartbreakers of the past four years: Your loss.

I will forever look back on my college years and wonder how my life might have turned out differently if I had gone to the school of my dreams. There is no denying that. However, I will also look back and be thankful for the experience I ended up having. While my friends were sitting (and probably napping) in giant lecture halls, I was getting one-on-one experiences with professors who genuinely cared about my education. While my friends were driving hours away to be independent at school, I spent time with my family that I will cherish for the rest of my life, and established my independence at the same time. In the end, my little school ended up being the biggest part of my life. So to Monmouth: Thank you for being you. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2015. If Monmouth has taught us anything it’s that life, like college, is what you make of it. Make it a good one.