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Who’s Behind The Mask?

Behind The MaskThe new American reality singing TV competition series The Masked Singer premiered on FOX on Jan. 2.

The new show is based on the South Korean reality show, King of Masked Singer.

The show has 12 celebrities in a singing competition against one another and they sing their favorite songs whether they are professional singers or not.

The celebrities are dressed as a lion, alien, rabbit, deer, unicorn, monster, peacock, bumble bee, and raven. There’s even a pink poodle, pineapple with a six pack, and a hippo.

The catch is that no one knows who the celebrity is because they are dressed in extravagant costumes hiding their identities.

In addition to their outrageous outfits, each celebrity has a constant autotune on their voice with the exception of when they’re singing.

Upon discovering the reality competition show, assistant professor of communications, Dickie Cox, M.F.A, stated, “An early precedent for this kind of show would be The Gong Show in the 1970s.”

Before each celebrity’s performance, a video is shown.

The video consists of multiple hidden clues that are visibly seen and said by the secret celebrity themselves.

The celebrity then goes to perform and allows the judges to ask about two “yes or no” questions.

If the celebrities are singing, then who is putting the clues together and judging their performance?

The show’s A-List judging panel consists of former Pussycat Dolls frontwoman Nicole Sherzinger, comedian and actor Ken Jeong, TV personality Jenny McCarthy, and singer, songwriter, and producer, Robin Thicke.

Towards the end of the show, two celebrities are placed in the bottom two and the live audience decides who goes home by voting for who put on the better performance.

The loser has to unmask themselves and all of their clues are unveiled.

The celebrities all range from professional athletes and comedians, to singers and Hollywood stars.

Thus far, the show has earned a consistent 6.983 million viewers.

Also, the reality show has been winning at the race for the 18-49 age bracket, remaining neck and neck with Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back.

I love watching The Masked Singer every week and even have my family addicted to it.

I look forward to finding out who is under each costume every week and really enjoy the whole guessing game that is the show.

I’m no detective, but it’s thoroughly enjoying to put the celebrity’s different clues together and try to come up with someone and figure out their voice.

Make sure to put your detective hat, or mask, on every Wednesday night to figure out who this week’s Masked Singer is!

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