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To Our Readers and Writers: Thank You!

Thank YouUsually this small space is saved for one of my glowing Carly Rae Jepsen track reviews or a quick movie rant, but I’d like to use it to thank the wonderful people who made the entertainment section so fun to assemble every week.

A special thanks goes out to our writers: Erica Barbara, Nick Manduley (who sent his pieces from London every week), Danielle McClelland, Erin Mulligan, Gabriella Pisacane, Katherine Rivera, Matthew Schaffer, and Dylan Surmonte.

Every week our writers worked hard on putting together incredible pieces by doing in depth research, talking with professors, and submitting their work in a timely fashion.

They are the very foundation of our section and without them I am nothing.

We also had contributions from our awesome editors this year: Jenna Puglisi and Ray Romanski.

Not only did they juggle their own section, but they were nice enough to help out ours.

To make our section the most stylish in the paper, our graphic design specialist, Angela Mascia, created photos that fit perfectly with every article. She is our “PNG Queen.”

The Outlook’s editorial staff helped this section improve every week with their revisions and recommendations. Thank you to our leaders at the paper, Nick Coscarelli, Caroline Mattise, and Nicole Riddle for the effort you pour into each publication.

As a finance & real estate student, I was lucky to have the guidance of professor John Morano throughout the year.

His stops by the office and advice helped shape the articles you read every week.

Above all, thank you to the readers who make this work fulfilling. It was great to receive feedback on articles, especially from Dr. Rosenberg.

Hours of work and long nights are dedicated to assemble what you hold in your very hands. If it was not for you, there wouldn’t be a paper like The Outlook.

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