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Student Spotlight: Natalie Zeller

The Outlook recently had the privi­lege of speaking with Natalie Zeller, freshman music industry major, who performed at the Rock and Register event on September 28. Zeller is a singer, guitar player and songwriter who has performed both on and off campus, including at Hofstra Univer­sity.

Her musical style tends to be what­ever she feels like playing, so audi­ence members can expect to be treat­ed to a wide array of songs. Some of them are very upbeat and lively while others are more sentimental and ro­mantic; she admitted that the slower songs occasionally remind her of Taylor Swift, though she typically dislikes “girly-girl” songs. She’s also done several impressive covers of more widely-known songs, such as “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perry and “Super Bass” by Nicki Minaj.

To the delight of the crowd, she performed her cover of “Super Bass” at the Rock and Register, earning a huge round of applause. She also per­formed a few original songs such as “Keep it Simple,” a heart-felt number about not making a relationship over­complicated.

Zeller said she did not specifically plan what songs she would play at Friday’s event, though she did plan to start fast in order to get everyone excited and segway into more varied, emotional songs. Her musical talent, as well as her charismatic stage pres­ence, served as a great start to Rock and Register.

Zeller indicated that she is a solo artist, but she’s collaborated with friends before and is open to work­ing with others in the future. She went on to indicate that, in addition to her great singing and acoustic gui­tar playing abilities, she can play the electric guitar, as well as some piano and clarinet.

“I’ve been singing since I was two,” Zeller smiled, discussing her origins as a musician. She went on to discuss her frequent performance in her high school’s choir as well as various musi­cals, stating that she knew she wanted to be involved with music since she was very young.

She hopes to go into studio produc­tion and song writing, though intends on creating music throughout her pro­fessional career, regardless of what it may be.

When not lighting up the stage, she spends her time working with Hawk Radio, attending mass at the Catholic Center or participating in community service projects. Having been a proud volunteer for some time now, she was delighted to find the different ways the University helps students to get involved.

She likes to combine her musical interests with her passion for commu­nity service by performing at char­ity telethons and other benefit events, when possible.

She’s also a first degree black-belt in Tae-Kwon-Do; she spent a portion of last summer training in Korea. Zeller has been involved with this self-defense discipline since she was five.

Of course, everyone has their off-hours, which Zeller says she spends right here at the University.

“I love it here- I don’t know why anyone would want to go home for the weekend,” Zeller grinned. “There are events all the time and, when there aren’t, you can still hang out with your friends.”

“If you want to have a sucky time, you will,” she continued, saying that the college experience is what you make it.

You can also find her music through her Youtube channel, nata­liezellermusic. She is also on twitter and facebook.

Her music is not yet available for purchase. “I’d like that to happen,” she added. She will be performing at the open mic-night on October 4. This Hawk really knows how to soar, so catch her while you can- her shows may not be free for too much longer.

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