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Volume 86 (Fall 2014 - Spring 2015)

Crobot Is Rocking Brighton Bar on April 2

ven21 ja 14mar crobot 640x557Hard rock band Crobot is kicking off their 2015 tour at Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ, on Thursday, April 2, to promote their new album Something Supernatural

Lead singer Brandon Yeagley’s electric voice spreads like wildfire when combined with Chris Bishop’s guitar. The Figueroa brothers, Jake and Paul, respectively lock down the heavy funk infused bass and a consistent beat of the drums. 

Crobot’s sound can be associated with the hard rock and heavy metal scene of Pottsville, PA, which is also where they formed the band and signed to Wind-Up Records in 2013. 

Crobot is branching out in style since their debut EP, The Legend of the Spacebourne Killer, and really found an organic rhythm by laying down more of a dirty groove that people can rock to. 

The band will be playing a lot of their new material like “Chupacabra” and “Skull of Geronimo,” but it is almost guaranteed that the audience will hear old songs as well (such as “Nowhere left to Hide”) at Brighton Bar on Thursday.

Crobot just returned to the States from Lausanne, Switzerland and many other European countries that they visited on tour. Before beginning their European set, the band played with Limp Bizkit, Black Label Society, Buckcherry, and Filter. 

Brighton Bar sets the tone for the remainder of the tour with one of high energy at a famous punk club venue.

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Graphic Design and Animation Students Present First-Ever Senior Exhibit

1stshowThe First Senior Exhibition of Graphic Design and Animation is being displayed in Joan and Robert Rechnitz Hall’s DiMattio Gallery from March 27 to April 4; the work presented by the senior art students is the product of countless hours in the studio to express themselves and what they are passionate about. 

The DiMattio Gallery’s first floor walls are covered head-to-toe with beautiful and thoughtful pieces from graphic design students, and the second floor contains creative works from animation students.

Last Friday, the opening reception of the exhibition drew a crowd of about 150 people with positive energy, and the students really had the chance to show off their work and receive live feedback from an audience. All of the seniors involved in the exhibition had a story to tell; many of them have been working towards this moment for four years.

Marissa Clemente, a graphic design student, said, “I am really proud of what I accomplished, partially because I didn’t really realize how much potential my work had until finishing last night at 1:30 am. Now I can stand back and look at everything I’ve done at Monmouth and I realize it’s a lot.”

The various styles and formats the senior art majors have in their arsenal of skills were unleashed in a beautiful display of expression. Some seniors were influenced by other work or even personal experiences.

Clemente said, “My grandfather was in WWII and he served on the U.S.S. Cabot. I took images from letters he wrote and meshed them with not just pictures of war but hope as well. Sometimes you just get really involved in your work; I spent three weeks on that particular piece. It was so cool because you’re diving into history.”

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Kendrick Lamar Releases a Winning Third Album

kendrick lamar reebok promo 1According to the Huffington Post, the word “pimp” has not been used in an album title since 2006, and the word “butterfly” has not been used since 1997. And as graceful as the butterfly in his album title, Kendrick Lamar has done both—all while his new album hit number one on the hip-hop charts this past week. Better yet, Lamar has made history by including the word “pimp” on a chart-topping album, which has never been done until he came into the picture. 

If you aren’t familiar with Compton, CA native rapper Kendrick Lamar, you should get used to hearing the name. Lamar’s new album, To Pimp A Butterfly, dropped March 16, gives a glimpse into Lamar’s personal life. Between the track “For Sale? –Interlude” and the following song, “Momma,” fans and new listeners alike are let into Lamar’s childhood and early adolescence. With its mixture of sentimental tracks and traditional hip-hop songs like the single, “I,” Lamar has taken his talent to the next level. 

Even if rap isn’t the first thing you’d turn on when you get into your car, To Pimp a Butterfly is worth at least a listen. Even the fan of hardest rock will enjoy Lamar’s style. He mixes traditional elements of rap and hip-hop with a slight edge. Hints of jazz and R&B also play a role in Butterfly, as seen on the opening track, “Wesley’s Theory.” 

Lamar’s new record is a game changer. Taking the original rap origin of poetry, the title of the album is actually a metaphor. In the last track, “Mortal Men,” he explains the meaning behind the history making, off-beat, and endearing title: 

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"Bloodline" is Netflix's Captivating New Drama

bloodlinesOn Friday, March 20, Netflix released the new television series, Bloodline, for streaming. With the first episode alone involving mystery, suspense, and the premise that “we’re not bad people, but we did a bad thing,” it is almost sure to be a success.

According to, Bloodline is about “a family of adult siblings who find that their secrets and scars are revealed when their black sheep of a brother returns home.” The first episode begins with the Rayburn family hosting a gathering at their resort, and the “black sheep brother,” Danny Rayburn (Ben Mendelsohn), contemplating whether he wants to go or not. Eventually he does, and we learn that he has had a troubling past and a questionable future with the family.

The pilot episode shows that Danny has faced struggles in the past because the family does not want to let him back into the family business (for a reason that we are unsure of) and his father is clearly disappointed in him, hesitating even to say something positive about his son during a toast. We are left wondering what it is that Danny has done, which is the interesting hook of the show.

Throughout the episode there are flashes of Danny and his brother, John (Kyle Chandler), swimming through water and rain while carrying Danny’s unconscious body. This made me wonder what happened for the brothers to get into this crazy circumstance. Later in the episode, John is telling his brother that he has done a lot for Danny that nobody knows about, which also left me wondering. 

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“Dancing With the Stars” Launches Season 20

danceGrab your dancing shoes because an all-new season of Dancing with the Stars is back on ABC! The 20th season of the show kicked off Monday, March 16 with an unforgettable episode.

The show began with Willow Shields and her partner, Mark Ballas. Shields, the youngest competitor at 14-years-old, is known for her role as Primrose Everdeen in the Hunger Games films. Shields and Ballas danced the cha-cha and received great comments from the judges. She has great potential and will most likely make it far in this season. Shields received a total of 25 out of 40. 

Robert Herjavec and his partner, Kym Johnson, were up next on the dance floor. Herjavec is a Croatian-born Canadian businessman who is known for starring on ABC’s Shark Tank. Herjavec and Johnson danced a fun cha-cha, making the crowd go wild. Herjavec shocked the judges, proving he belongs here, and received a total of 28 out of 40. 

Next on the dance floor were Riker Lynch and his partner, Allison Holker. Lynch is known for his role as Jeff Sterling on the hit television series, Glee. He is also the cousin of Derek and Julianne Hough, who are both professional dancers and have both won Dancing with the Stars numerous times. Lynch showed off his dance moves by jiving his way to a total of 31 out of 40.

Charlotte McKinney and her partner, Keo Motsepe were next to dance. McKinney is a model who starred in Carl’s Jr.’s infamous naked Super Bowl ad emphasizing “all-natural” ingredients. McKinney tried her best during her jive, but had a few miss-steps. She received a total of 22 out of 40.

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Disney's Live-Action “Cinderella” Is No Fairytale

Cinderella (1)Disney’s Cinderella is everything that you would expect: no exciting twist to the plot, but the basic tale that we all remember from our childhood. The film has an evil stepmother, two evil stepsisters, a cat that constantly chases Cinderella’s mice pals, a prince, a fairy godmother, a pumpkin that turns into a carriage with the magical words, “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo,” and, of course, the glass slippers. The movie wasn’t as enchanting and magical as I expected it to be, but it wasn’t terribly bad either. 

Cinderella begins with a narration as the audience looks on at a beautiful house surrounded by trees and flowers, almost as if we were birds soaring in the sky. We see a young Ella (Eloise Webb), happy as can be playing with her mother (Hayley Atwell) and father (Ben Chaplin) outside their cottage. Ella is told that “sorrow can come to any kingdom,” and it does: her mother grows terribly ill. She tells Ella to “have courage and be kind,” which Ella takes to heart even when confronted by her wicked stepmother.

It’s been many years now since her mother passed on, and her father tells a fully-grown Ella (Lily James) that he wants to marry Lady Tremaine (Cate Blanchett). Soon Lady Tremaine moves into the cottage home and brings her two spoiled, bratty daughters Drisella (Sophie McShera) and Anastasia (Holliday Grainger), who later give their stepsister the nickname “Cinderella” because she slept by a fireplace and got cinder ashes on her face. At a party in their home, Cinderella’s father says that he has to be leaving for business and will return soon, but as the story goes, he becomes ill and dies on his journey back home. 

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Blue Hawk Records to Release Fifth Studio Album

bhr sticker

West Long Branch, NJ—Blue Hawk Records is set to release its fifth compilation album, Blue Hawk Five, in the spring. Could the release be the turning point the label is hoping for?

Blue Hawk Five is the most ambitious album yet for the student-run record label here at Monmouth University. Auditions were held on Monday, Feb. 23, 2015, in Woods Theatre to find new, aspiring singers to record on the album. Students from outside of the music department, including math, English, and criminal justice majors, came out to the auditions with beautiful voices and captivating songs. All of the musicians who performed showcased their talents and told a story with their songs. 

With this fifth studio-produced effort, the label plans to expand its project outside of the University. They are hoping this album is bigger and better than the four previous compilations. Blue Hawk Five will be special because all of the acts chosen bring something different. The decision-making process was difficult because it was hard to choose between all of the incredible acts that came out to audition. Ultimately, the following artists were chosen for Blue Hawk Five: Tympanic Plexus, Shoreline, Lily Riche, Brian Perrino, and Tatiana Muslim. The album will feature many different genres that will appeal to a large audience. 

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‘The Bachelor’ Becomes the Fiancé

chris soules and whitney bischoffRoses are red, violets are blue, Prince Farming is off the market, and his love for Whitney is true! Season 19 of the The Bachelor on ABC seemed to be one of the weirdest seasons thus far. From widows to virgins, the women all had their own story and a chance to win the heart of Prince Farming (or more formally known as Chris Soules). 

On Jan. 5, the premiere of The Bachelor introduced audiences to 30 women who were ready to take their shot at love. The heart they were competing for was one of Season 18’s fan favorites. An attractive farmer from Arlington, Iowa, Chris set out to find a woman who was ready to become Mrs. Farmer, but from the very first episode it was clear that he didn’t know exactly what he had signed up for. As soon as the last woman got out of the limo to introduce herself, it was as though someone had screamed, “Let the games begin!”

The whole season was a series of ups and downs that created backstabbers, best friends, and belly laughs. There was Tara Eddings, who was so drunk on the first night that she could not even stand. Then there was Ashley Salter, who was hands down the most unusual contestant The Bachelor had ever seen. From her random babbling to her picking an onion off a tree during one of her interviews, there was never a moment when people knew what she was talking about. Viewers got their dosage of laughter from contestant Carly Waddell, who was quick to poke fun at women who she thought were being fake. But the most controversial contestant in Season 19 was Kelsey Poe, a conniving widow who made it clear that she was not on the show to make friends. Faking panic attacks and using her tragic life story to her advantage were just a few ways Poe tried to win Chris’ heart. 

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Get Lost in the World of “WarFrame”

warframeWho wants to play a third-person co-op shooter about space ninjas? If you first thought is, “Yeah, I’m going to pass,” then we have something in common—I was also blind to the allure of space ninjas. Then I heard that Warframe was free… Five minutes later I was downloading it to my laptop (Warframe can  also be played on Xbox One and Playstation 4). To cut to the chase, this game was well-worth my money (or lack-thereof). To be completely honest, Warframe has so many excellent features that I won’t be able to cover all of it in my review, so I’m simply going to focus on the highlights. 

Warframe is a futuristic sci-fi game set, for the most part, in our solar system. Players are put in control of various Warframes, which are similar to character classes. I wish I could tell you exactly what Warframes are, but the fine points of their nature/origin is a hotly debated topic among Warframe’s player-base. Suffice to say that they’re a race of space ninjas (part organic, part energy, and part machine) that fight to maintain balance on various planets and moons throughout our solar system. Interestingly enough, the various factions in Warframe (Tenno, Grineer, Orokin Corrupted, Corpus, and Infested) seem to represent different directions taken by humanity, most of which are corrupt. In my opinion, one of Warframe’s weak points is its plot. While it is quite interesting, the vast majority of it is lore-based, which takes effort to pursue.

Warframe is beautifully designed; it has a unique mix of traditional Japanese and futuristic sci-fi aesthetics that I haven’t seen before. The sound design, while perhaps not iPod worthy, is certainly fitting. The score is suspenseful, and manages to sound both traditional and sci-fi. The sound effects (footsteps, alarms, gunshots, etc) actually just received a major update, and are currently on par with any triple-A title. Despite these production values, it’s actually very accessible, and can run on out-of-date laptops/computers.

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Chef Ramsey Checks Into "Hell's Kitchen"

HK 1216If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen! Chef Gordon Ramsey and his attitude are back for an all-new season of Hell’s Kitchen. The season premiered on Tuesday, March 3, and as the new contestants grabbed their aprons, the fire immediately heated up. 

The show kicked off with a surprise: as the new contestants approached the Hell’s Kitchen building, they discovered that the door was locked. Chef Ramsey then greeted contestants on the roof, informing them that if they wanted to set foot in the kitchen, they must first jump off. He asked for volunteers, and the first to raise their hands were Enrique and Ruth. After they jumped, it was revealed that they were stunt doubles and that none of the contestants actually had to participate in the jump. This season is already off to a crazy start.

After this fiasco, the contestants were immediately thrown into the kitchen for their first challenge, in which they had only an hour to complete their signature dishes, which would be judged on a scale of one to five by Chef Ramsey. It was the women versus the men, with the men winning the challenge, 31-28. 

The men were then rewarded with a trip to meet William Shatner, a Hollywood legend known for his role of Captain Kirk in Star Trek, while the women were assigned to resetting the dining room and mailing out all of the reservation letters. 

Back in the kitchen, the ladies began to brush up on recipes. Many gained some confidence, especially Chrissa Schmerler, owner of a food truck from Bellmore, NY, who made a complete fool of herself when she announced that she had to go to the bathroom before the dining room opened. 

Once the dining room officially opened and guests started pouring into the restaurant, the new chefs immediately got to cooking. It wasn’t a surprise when Chrissa started slowing the red team down, and (before she even got a chance to correct herself) was thrown out of the kitchen. 

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"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Get Real

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills 34435No amount of money, fancy cars, or high-end handbags can stop a group of women from having their differences at times.  On Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the housewives get real when issues like alcoholism, drug addiction, and even illness come into the women’s lives from all different angles. 

Returning housewives Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi Glanville, and Yolanda Foster seemed to be very welcoming to newcomers Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna this season. Eileen is famous for her roles in soap operas like The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. Lisa is best known for her role on Melrose Place and host of SoapNet’s Soap Talk. With both of these new women having had their fair share of soap operas in which drama is the root of every episode, it was just a waiting game to see who would throw the first punch (or wine glass). 

In previous seasons, viewers have seen the dysfunctional relationship between sisters Kyle and Kim. Back in Season 3, Kyle was the one that spilled the big secret that Kim was an alcoholic. Shortly after, Kim checked herself into rehab to get her addiction under control. In Season 4, Kim was portrayed as sober, living life to the fullest, and finally getting back to being her real self. 

When Season 5 kicked off in November of 2014, viewers and cast members began questioning if Kim was still sober. The season progressed to show her admitting to Kyle that she took some pills to relax after all the stress she had been under; her ex-husband, Monty Brinson, was recently diagnosed with cancer again. Almost all of the other cast members blamed her weird behavior on her newfound friendship with housewife Brandi Glanville, who has had her own sobriety issues in the past. 

On a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, things got heated when Lisa continued to bring up Kim’s problems in front of the cameras. Kim retaliated by telling Lisa to watch what she says, or else she will have to tell the world about Lisa’s issues with husband Harry Hamlin. 

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