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Past Editorial Staff and Alumni

Volume 90 (Fall 2017 - Spring 2018)


Alexandria Afanador | Managing Editor/Features Editor

Jason Aquino | Delivery Assistant (Spring)

Matthew Aquino | Associate Graphic Design Editor/Advertising Manager

Kerry Breen | Co-Senior Editor/News Editor (Fall: Issues 1-2) / Senior Editor/News Editor (Fall: Issues 3-11)

Kelly Brockett | Graduate Assistant (Fall)

Courtney Buell | Editor-in-Chief

Kathryn Cahill | Delivery Assistant

Cara Ciavarella | Delivery Assistant (Fall: Issues 1-11, Spring: Issues 12-19)

Coral Cooper | Advertising Manager

Nicholas Coscarelli | Co-Politics Editor (Fall: Issues 7-11, Spring: Issue 12) / Politics Editor (Spring: Issue 13-22)

Zachary Cosenza | Sports Editor

Richard Felicetti | Assistant News Editor (Fall: Issues 1-4)

Amber Galati | Photographer (Spring)

Amanda Gangidino | Co-Senior Editor/Lifestyles Editor (Fall: Issues 1-2) / Club & Greek Editor (Spring)

Sabina Graziano | Technology Manager (Fall: Issue 1-11, Spring: Issue 12)

Emerson Hidalgo | Technology Manager

Mehdi Husaini | Associate News Editor

Gabrielle Ientile | Politics Editor (Fall: Issues 1-6) / Co-Politics Editor (Fall: Issues 7-11, Spring: Issue 12)

Nicole Ingraffia | Entertainment Editor

Shannon Lawrence | Photographer (Spring)

Campbell Lee | Lifestyles Editor (Fall: Issues 3-11)

Davina Matadin | Technology Manager

Caroline Mattise | Associate Opinion Editor

Brianna McCabe | Graduate Assistant

Joy Morgan | Assistant News Editor/Environmental Editor (Fall: Issues 5-11)

Evan Mydlowski | Technology Manager

Brett O’Grady | Graphic Design Editor/Opinion Editor

Nicolette Pezza | Club & Greek Editor (Fall)

Nicole Riddle | Viewpoint Editor/Photography Editor

Danielle Schipani | Graduate Assistant (Spring)

Karlee Sell | Photographer (Spring)

Amanda Smith | Photographer (Spring: Issues 18-22)

Brian Turczmanovicz | Comic Illustrator

Anthony Vives | Technology Manager


Mark D’Aquila (Spring)

Melissa Badamo (Spring)

Emily Condron

Nicholas Coscarelli (Fall)

Matt DeLuca

Chris Fitzimmons

Tianna Fougeray (Spring)

Sophia Galvez (Spring)

Amanda Gangidino (Fall)

Sarah Kokotajlo (Spring)

Jane Lai (Spring)

Mark Marrone

Dally Matos (Spring)

Evan McMurtrie

John Morano

Lauren Niesz

Bridget Nocera

Alexa Olah (Spring)

Natalie Ostermann (Spring)

Anthony Rossics (Spring)

Albert Shalom (Spring)

Namra Shueib

Marie Soldo

Andy Studna (Spring)

Jerry Trotta (Spring)


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