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Past Editorial Staff and Alumni

Volume 86 (Fall 2014 - Spring 2015)


Jessica Anastasio | Technology Manager (Spring: Issues 19-24)

Fabiana Buontempo | Assistant News Editor (Fall 1-3) / News Editor (Fall: Issues 4-12, Spring)

Cara Ciavarella | Delivery Assistant (Fall: Issue 4-12, Spring)

Sarah Coff | Social Media Manager (Fall: Issue 4-12)

Ramon Ferrer | Delivery Assistant (Fall: Issue 4-12, Spring)

Christina Fisher | Social Media Manager (Spring: Issue 17)

Amanda Glatz | Entertainment Editor (Fall) / Managing/Entertainment Editor (Spring)

Alyssa Gray | Comics Editor (Fall: Issues 1-3) / Acting Managing Editor (Fall: Issues 4-12)

Tyler Haven | Technology Manager (Spring: Issues 19-24)

Kevin Holton | Copy Editor (Fall: Issue 4-12, Spring: Issues 13-19)

Kelly Hughes | Opinion/Lifestyles Editor

Taylor Jackson | Sports Photography Editor (Fall: Issue 4)

Brandon Johnson | Co-Politics Editor (Fall 1-2) / Politics Editor (Fall: Issues 4-12, Spring)

Victoria Keenan | Features Editor

Kiera Lanni | Photography/Leisure Editor

Jessica Leahy | Advertising Manager

Matt Marino | Technology Manager (Fall)

Brianna McCabe |Managing Editor/News Editor (Fall: Issues 1-3) / Acting Editor-in-Chief (Fall: Issues 4-12) / Editor-In-Chief (Spring)

Erin McMullen | Assistant News Editor (Spring)

Heather Muh | Associate Club & Greek Editor (Fall 1-3) / Club & Greek Editor (Fall: Issues 4-12, Spring)

Evan Mydlowski | Technology Manager

Lauren Niesz | Copy Editor (Spring: Issues 17)

Christopher Orlando | Graduate Assistant

Victoria Rodriguez | Co-Politics Editor (Fall 1-2)

Dyamond Rodriguez | Graphic Design Editor (Fall: Issue 4-12, Spring: 13-23)

Danielle Schipani | Copy Editor (Fall: Issue 8-12) / Associate News Editor (Spring)

Emily Shapiro | Club & Greek Editor (Fall 1-3)

Matthew Toto | Technology Manager (Fall: Issue 4-12, Spring)

Kyle Walter | Assistant Sports Editor

Casey Wolfe | Editor-In-Chief (Fall) / Senior Editorial Consultant (Spring)

Maggie Zelinka | Sports Editor (Fall 1-3) / Senior/Sports Editor (Fall: Issues 4-12, Spring)


Nicolette Accardi

Dan Agin (Spring)

Michael Bateman

Charles Battis

Kerry Breen

Wesley Brooks

Olivia Caruso

Tara Cirincione

Kelly Coffey

Cindy Coffey (Spring)

Richard Felicetti (Spring)

Christina Fisher

Ryan Gallagher

Alison Goerke

Michelle Gonzales

Rachel Gramuglia

Natali Greco

Brendan Greve

Kassandra Hagen (Spring)

Kevin Holton (Spring)

Kayla Horvath

Katherine Jaffe (Spring)

Eric Klenofsky (Spring)

Carly Long

Clare Maurer

Jamilah McMillan

John Morano

Mike Morse

Nicole Napholz

Bridget Nocera (Spring)

Kyle O’Grady

Jasmine Ramos

Victoria Rodriguez (Fall)

William Romba

Joe Ruggerio (Fall)

Emily Shapiro

Iziah Thompson (Fall)

Alfred Tillerson (Fall)

Alyssa Tritschler

Connor White

Robert Zadotti


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