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Getting Extreme with Extreme Sports Night

The Student Activities Board (SAB) and Phi Kappa Psi (Phi Psi) co-sponsored “Extreme Sports Day” in Boylan Gymnasium this past Friday, Feb. 21, from 7:30 pm - 10 pm. Over 200 students attended the free event that consisted of a moon bounce obstacle course, a Velcro wall, an oxygen bar, bongo ball, and a Kinect station.

Megan McGowan, Assistant Director of Student Activities and Student Center Operations, said, “I am very happy with the turnout of this event. I think it’s great that students are willing to come out and students from the fraternity and from SAB were able to work together. This event seemed to draw a different crowd than what we usually get at all of our events. So it was really great to see some students that normally don’t come out to our events check out Extreme Sports Day.”

According to McGowan, there was a very eclectic group that was at the event which kept it very competitive throughout the entire night.

The Oxygen Bar allowed students to clip a tube up to their noses and inhale several different scents giving them a natural high. The scents ranged from a floral scent, to orange, to banana to mint. Each scent allowed participants to get different feelings such as feeling more energized or more relaxed. According to members of SAB, the Oxygen Bar was a huge hit last year, which is what motivated the members to bring it to the University once again.

There was also Bongo Ball, in which students had to gear up with a facemask and full body suits to protect themselves from getting shot with the foam footballs that were getting blasted through a metal Bongo Ball gun.

Courtney Davis, a freshman music industry student, said, “There were a lot of cool events. I liked the Bongo Ball because it was like paintball and I always wanted to try it... Everyone was doing something at all times, and it was pretty crazy.”

There were competitions between teams of people to see who could run through the obstacle course the fastest. Then there was a race to see who could complete the obstacle course in record-time. The obstacle course consisted of climbing up several blow up walls with a rope, and jumping over the blow up hurdles that were in the way. There were also competitions going on with the Velcro wall, with students judging who could jump the highest. The event encouraged students to develop team-building skills, as stated by McGowan, in a competitive and friendly environment.

SAB had been advertising for the event a week prior to it occurring via social media, posters hung up on campus, and a poster that displayed in the Dining Hall. Dylan Vargas, a sophomore business marketing and management student, helped broadcast and set-up the event through SAB. Vargas worked alongside SAB Festivals Chair Sami Kofsky.  Vargas said, “(Kofsky) made a poster for the event and each day we were all assigned to post pictures of the posters on social media sites.”

There were several different companies that helped make the event possible, including Total Entertainment, Perfect Party Rentals and Bongo Ball. Each company provided different entertainment.

PHOTO TAKEN by Casey Inguagiato

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