Moments at Monmouth 11-01-17

11.01.17 Viewpoint 1

Monmouth students and faculty travel to New York City for the Guardians Club trip to the World Trade Center.

PHOTO COURTESY of Megan Kudisch

11.01.17 Viewpoint 2

Redshirt Freshman Midfielder John Antunes mid-stride during the Men's Soccer game against Quinnipiac this past Saturday.


11.01.17 Viewpoint 3

The public relations student society of America(PRSSA) at Monmouth's Trunk or Treat. (From Left) Kelly Cronin, Veronica Lane, Heather Halczil, Taylor Von Bartheld, Amanda Smith.

PHOTO COURTESY of Amanda Smith

11.01.17 Viewpoint 4

Monmouth students quizzing their knowledge of various trivia at Monmouth Challenge in Pozycki this past Friday. (From Left) Jive Jacob, Namra Shuieb, Kim Fernandez, Saiera Shueib, Chelsea Giordina.

PHOTO COURTESY of Namra Shueib