Campus Viewpoint 11-15-17

Did you participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday? If so, what did you buy?

11.29.17 Viewpoint 5

Ben Fetter

"I went online for Cyber Monday and mostly purchased Christmas presents."

11.29.17 Viewpoint 6

Brittany Mirrione

“Unfortunately, I was working and finishing up school work. But if I did go shopping, I would've gone to Kohl's for great deals on Black Friday."

11.29.17 Viewpoint 7

Jules Lenaz

“Black Friday is great for buying big-ticket items and electronics, so I purchased a gaming computer from Costco, and I got an iPhone 8 Plus on Cyber Monday."

11.29.17 Viewpoint 8

Megan Kudisch

"On Black Friday, I bought some clothes from Forever 21 and makeup from Sephora."

11.29.17 Viewpoint 9

Professor Matt Harmon
Specialist Professor

“I'm most thankful for my friends, family and colleagues."