Moments at Monmouth 12-06-17

12.06.17 Viewpoint 1

Members of the Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) Club educating Monmouth students on the Great American Smokeout (From Left: Dena Capparelli, Bridget Nocera, Sarah McCambridge)

PHOTO COURTESY of Colleges Against Cancer

12.06.17 Viewpoint 2

Monmouth Junior Anthony Barbosa enjoying the beautiful Fall leaves as the semester comes to a close.

PHOTO COURTESY of Anthony Barbosa

12.06.17 Viewpoint 3

Members of the Garden Club giving back to the community by planting in the Monmouth Community Garden

PHOTO COURTESY of Jessica French

12.06.17 Viewpoint 4

Monmouth's holiday Bazaar in Anacon bringing feelings of joy as we anticipate the holday season (From Left: Yazmin Belhdaj, Kanwal Alam, Abdelkader Balhdaj)

PHOTO COURTESY of Global Educational Experience Program