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Worldwide Beer Festivals That Are Worth The Trip

Oktoberfest. The reigning king of all festivals. It began in 1810 but is this insanely long festival really what its made out to be? 

“Oktoberfest was amazing. The beer is served in large steins and comes out cold and refreshing,” said Kyle O’Grady, a recent MU graduate. “Oktoberfest makes everyone be in a good mood. You’ll see people dancing on tables to a combination of classic German and American songs. I would definitely look into going back.” O’Grady attended the festival while studying abroad in Italy.

So maybe it is all that its cracked up to be, but there are other festivals for the beer enthusiast that should be given more attention. 

WildBeers1.) Where the Wild Beers Are 

 Main speciality: craft beers. 

 This beer festival is unique in the sense that is in never in one location and tends to occur twice a year. Where the Wild Beers Are only features beers that are made from wild yeast. Most of the beers showcased at the event are hard to find in a commercial setting so this may be your only chance to taste these particular sour or farmhouse ales. This year, the fall festival will be held in Minneapolis, MN but the spring festival will be held in Brooklyn, NY.


pilsner fest

2.) Pilsner Fest 

 Main speciality: Pilsner beer. 

Oktoberfest is held in Germany in late Sept. through Oct.

 Pilsner Fest is held in Czech Republic in early Oct. so if you want two of the craziest weeks of your life, book your tickets for these two huge events. During the festival, visitors can have tours of the underground city of Plzen. The first mention of this city was in 976, however, it was not well established until the 14th century. 

Great American Bear3.) The Great American Beer Festival 

Main speciality: Everything. 

 This is the biggest beer festival in America, hence its name. As of now, tickets are sold out but that does not mean you can not look forward to next year’s festival. There are hundreds of breweries who have already booked their table so if you are trying to be adventurous with your taste buds, this is the place for you. There is nearly a brewery from every state in attendance. 

Brew Grass4.) Brewgrass Beer Festival 

 Main speciality: Mixing music and alcohol. 

 This Saturday, Asheville, NC will hold their 19th annual Brewgrass Festival. If you are a fan of bluegrass music and trying approximately 50 different craft pints, then you should plan your trip as soon as possible. The festival will feature bands such as Jeff Austin Band, Truth & Salvage Co., Big Daddy Love, and Packway Handle Band. Some notable breweries are Naked Apple, Lazy Hiker, Terrapin, and Samuel Adams. 

NYC Beer Festival

5.) NYC Craft Beer Festival 

 Main speciality: Beers, ciders, and meads. 

 The NYC Craft Beer Festival takes place on Friday, Oct. 23 and Saturday, Oct. 24. The festival has put together 12 shows in the past four years and all have been successful. Any one who is interested can either buy a general admission pass which allows them in the venue for two hours and 30 minutes while a VIP pass is for 3 hours and 30 minutes. 

With the ticket, an attendee receives a tasting glass, unlimited  two ounce tastings from 75 breweries (150 beers, ciders, and meads), informative seminars, and access to the craft concierge center. The event will also feature liquor infused ice cream from Tipsy Scoop.

Craft Beer6.) Glassboro Craft Beer Festival 

 Main speciality: None. 

 This beer festival is about two hours from Monmouth University. Located near Rowan University, this beer festival will be held on Saturday, Oct. 3. The event is held from 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm if you have a VIP ticket and 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm if you purchase a general admission ticket. 

Some of the breweries featured are River Horse, Yards, Wyndridge Farm, Philadelphia Brewing Co., Otter Creek, and Bollero Snot Brewery, and Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing Co.

Australian Beer7.) Great Australian Beer Festival 

 Main speciality: Everything

 Brilliant idea for the seniors: have one last hurrah before you and your friends have to work everyday until you are 70 years old. This festival occurs at the end of beer festival would be the typical vacation for he Great Australian Beer Festival has consistently been ranked in the top 20 for worldwide beer festivals. 

Don’t be surprised to spend a decent amount of money on these trips, but it will definitely be worth it.

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