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The Benefits of Getting Involved

Getting Involved 1The expression of a person being ‘well rounded’ gets throw around is consistently used on a daily basis. More often than not the term is used when speaking about someone who does pretty much everything, and does it well. But being well rounded is not just about being talented in all things, but about being open to trying all things, and growing from it.

Life is busy and filled with obligations, extracurricular activities and hobbies make life nearly impossible. Making time for everything without spreading oneself too thin seems like a constant struggle. However, by avoiding getting involved in activities, it is possible to miss out on some truly great experiences. Whether it be a talent, a sport, an art, a language, or any other activity that makes it worthwhile to get up in the morning, getting involved can enhance one’s life in so many ways.

Clubs are always a great way to get involved and to find people who enjoy similar activities. Through joining clubs, members bond in their shared passion, and get to talk freely about it in a no-judgement zone. Finding like-minded people that have different perspectives gives a new member a sense of community, happiness through practicing that activity through the club, and offers the opportunity to connect with people who have different backgrounds.

Shannon Hokanson, a Communication professor stresses the importance of student involvement on campus, “It is important for students to become involved from the beginning. Joining organizations will help students feel a part of the campus community. These extracurricular activities will not only help you in the long run, but also they will enhance the quality of your college experience.

Daniela Climenti, a senior communication major, said, I think getting involved is pretty important while at school, you get to meet new people and it’s hard to be bored when you’re busy doing something you enjoy.”

Getting Involved 2While being extremely passionate about something is great, it is even better to get involved in a club that one has a mild interest in.  By joining a club with slight interest, it is a welcome surprise to find that through learning more about it and experiencing the people, that interest has turned to passion. By being open to try and experience new things, it is amazing how truly easy it is to grow as a person and pick up a new hobby along the way.

Sports teams are also a great way to get involved for the athletic person. Sports teams offer engaging activities, opportunities to improve one’s skill, and a sense of community through being with team members. There are also clubs and intramural leagues that offer various sports if a team is a little too much commitment.

Senior communications major, and member of the football team, Bob Davies, says, “You might forget the scores and the stats, but you’ll never forget the moments or the people.”

Greek life is also beneficial to be involved in. By joining Greek life, there are so many opportunities to socially interact with the Monmouth community, raise money for philanthropy, do community service, and find a tight knit group of friends that become your sisters for a lifetime.

Amy Bellina, the Director of Student Activities and Student Center Operations discusses the opportunites avaliable on campus to become involved, “When we talk about being involved, we also try to make sure that students understand that being involved could mean that you are in one of the 120 clubs and organizations, or you could be involved in recreation and intramural events, attending athletic competitions or being on a team, taking advantage of community service opportunities, participating in programs for First Year students like LIFT or the First Year Service Project, attending events on campus, working on-campus, attending performing arts programs or being involved in the music and theater arts on campus.”

Being well-rounded means changing one’s lifestyle so that new experiences, hobbies and people become a part of you.  Being involved reinforces time management, socialization, acceptance and tolerance, and most of all it gives people the opportunity to become more than they ever could be alone. Attend that club meeting and volunteer for the bake sale because becoming a part of something on campus will be one of the best decisions of your college career.

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