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Student Center Offers New Cuisine Options

Once again, the Rebecca Stafford Student Center has attempted to make changes to its dining services in hopes for more pleasurable feedback from those who visit the area. The Student Center now offers a few new options, along with a new look, and although these changes are a step in the right direction, there will always be room for improvement.

This year the Student Center brought Jersey Mike’s and Greens to Go as a few new stations to offer to the students and professional staff. While some people really enjoy these food choices, many find problems with certain aspects of the changes.

The Outlook staff favors the new station, Greens to Go because of the variety of options offered in the ‘Build it for you’ salads. In addition, the staff enjoys Jersey Mikes overall but is conscious when making a decision to buy a sub from there based on its high pricing.

One editor said, “We don’t need big name companies like Jersey Mike’s, just affordable, good food.”

Another mentioned, “...[ARAMARK] should have kept the Panini station and gotten rid of adding Jersey Mike’s because it’s overpriced.”

One selection at the Student Center that has not received any changes but may need to be re-worked are the pre-made meals, such as the sandwiches and sushi which both, according to The Outlook, are overpriced.

Those using their meal plans do not mind the pricing, although it does become an issue when the student is charged extra for protein, one editor explained.

Regardless of these opinions, there are those who do enjoy the Student Center, especially when comparing it to the Dining Hall. One editor said that she preferred the Student Center over the Dining Hall because it was more convenient when going from class to class, and it is cleaner.

The Student Center’s new look has definitely caught the attention of the students and staff. Some have said it is a “fresh update” and that it is a nice change. Though, one editor said, “There is nothing wrong with light colored paint to brighten a room but I feel like when I walk inside I am now blinded by the walls.”

Some Outlook staff members point out that there are some things that should have been left alone.

The Outlook wants Java City back in the Student Center, or at least the latte drinks and the cozy-relaxed atmosphere that it brought with it. “Wawa coffee is great, but I’d like to be able to get lattes and what not,” a staff member said. “Java City was the cafe on campus where people could go have a coffee with friends, do homework, or just relax in the cafe atmosphere. Ever since they took it out and replaced it… it’s not the same,” another said.

Something else the Student Center should take into consideration is their variety of lactose-intolerant, vegan and vegetarian options, which seems to be a small and yet significant issue to some of the Outlook staff as well.

Obviously it is difficult to adhere to the preferences of each individual person on and off campus. Over the years, ARAMARK has made strides to make their food and dining services more enjoyable. Because of this, The Outlook recognizes the need for cohesion in making decisions on what to keep or change, which is why it is important for ARAMARK to continue to learn from the needs of the students and other University members.

CORRECTION: Last week, in a story headlined “Visiting Writer Series Introduces Katie Ford,” The Outlook reported that Jeffery Jackson was an adjunt professor of English, but he in fact is an assistant professor of English. If, for any reason, this inaccuracy has caused misunderstandings or problems, The Outlook regrets that.

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