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How Young is Too Young for Marriage?

Engaged at 21, One Student Shares Her Experience of Impending Marriage

“But you’re so young! Don’t you want to live?” I always laugh when people ask me this. As far as I know, you don’t stop living once you’re married. You don’t fall into a void of nothingness where you no longer do anything.

In fact, I’m hoping not, since I’m engaged to be married soon after I graduate in May, and yes, I’m only 21. I believe I’m lucky. I found the man that I want to spend my life with early, and we both believe that we are mature enough to take the next step.

I’ve always been the classic 21 going on 30. I hate going out, I am a complete homebody, and I worry more about paying off my student loans and getting a great mortgage rate more than anyone I know.

It’s important to note that marrying relatively young is not for everyone. Everybody isn’t ready for a lifelong commitment such as marriage, and when it’s forced, more often than not, it will crash and burn.

Most of us have seen a divorce up close and personal, be it our own parents, a friend’s parents, or a family member. This may scare many from marriage, especially when we are often seen as immature and not fully knowing of the evils of the world.

I’ve felt this myself. My parents married when my mom was 20 and was craving any excuse to escape her own family. They divorced 14 years later, and my mom is always telling me they were simply too young to understand what they wanted at the time.

My fiancé’s parents suffered a similar fate. They were married when his mother was 18, and they divorced 5 year later. She too, tells me that she was too young and looking for what to do after high school with college not in her future.

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Starting Traditions

It is now December and holiday traditions are in full swing. Some traditions are small, some traditions are large, but traditions are traditions. From playing it simple, like making snow angels, to kicking it up a notch, like ice-skating in Rockafellar Center, traditions come into the holiday season stronger than ever before. Traditions can be found at the root of our families. They date back to as far as anyone can remember.

Let’s take my family for example. We’re big, we’re loud, and we’re Italian. Add the holiday season into the equation and you’ll get a whole mess of crazy, big, and loud Italians who love food.

One tradition that my family does around the holidays is that we bake and bake and bake. All the women in my family meet at one of our houses (usually mine) and we bake tons and tons of holiday cookies for our friends and family. By the end of the day, we would have baked over 600 cookies. Sugar rush, anyone?

Then we have to frost and decorate the sugar cookies, dust the linzer tarts, and try not to eat any of the special Italian cookies that our Nonna made. Houses cannot withstand the amount of noise that 13 Italian women who are continuously drinking make. I know my house can’t.

Another tradition that my family does is on Christmas Eve. My uncle thinks that it is good luck to eat all the fish eyes from the fish we make for the meal. He believes that eating the fish eyes will make you smarter for the year to come. I just find it gross.

My uncle does not speak the greatest English, he just tends to babble, and otherwise he’ll speak Italian.

“This is good for you, my girl!” my uncle would say.

After I would decline, he would persist and chace me around the living room with a fish eye on a fork and try to get me to eat it. I do not care how smart I would be, I ain’t eating no dang fish eye.

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College Brings About Change

New Priorities and Circumstances Accompany Senior Year

“These four years will fly by.”  How many times have you heard that cliché? I know I was told that when I entered both high school and college, and it is more of a reality than I ever expected.

As this semester of my senior year rapidly comes to an end, I’ve had my moments of reminiscing about my previous three years at the University. My father was so accurate in telling me that I will enter college as a young girl and leave as a young lady.

Of course, four years ago, I thought he was just commenting on my high school immaturity and little knowledge of the world.  Now, I hope to offer meaningful insight on the “growing up” that takes place during the college years.

I have made so many changes to my lifestyle since my freshman year that thinking of the habits I had back then is quite amusing. The following is the shortest advice I could possibly give about the most common habits that I had during my previous three years of college (most underclassmen probably have them too) and how I approach similar issues today. 

However, I am taking a unique stance by deciding if I am too old for the following habits that I used to consider the norm.

Am I too old for: finding the most outrageous frat or toga party? Yes. As a freshman, dressing up in a bed sheet wrapped uncomfortably around my torso was apparently one of the best ways to meet new people, and so was paying a $10 cab ride to a party where you were so easily identifiable as a freshman that it was basically self-torture. 

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Alternative Press’ ‘Artist of the Year’ Stirs Controversy

artist of yearHow does someone who has been arrested twice in the past four months for domestic assault and injuring his fans deserve an award as prestigious as Alternative Press’ Artist of the Year?

Rock Magazine, Alternative Press, announced that Falling in Reverse, a post-hardcore band, was their Artist of the Year. To a point, music should be just about the music, but when it comes to giving awards, kids are going to start to look up to the band. Lead singer Ronnie Radke is no role model.

The reason this is causing controversy is because Radke has not been a model citizen. Let’s take Radke’s past year step- by- step. In August, Radke was arrested for domestic assault on his girlfriend. In September, during FestEVIL at the Jackson, NJ Six Flags, Radke threw four microphone stands into the crowd at the end of the band’s performance.

There were at least two fans that were hurt with alleged head injuries. Radke was then arrested.

This fall, while touring with Falling in Reverse, an opening band, I See Stars, was arrested for possession of drugs. Radke, a recovering addict, kicked them off of the tour.

The band then begged Radke to stay on tour and offered him their pay. Radke agreed after making them sign a contract of secrecy but then ended up kicking them off the tour again.

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Exercising Indoors Made Possible with Some Creativity

Use Imagination to Keep Cold Weather from Standing in the Way of Staying in Shape

opinion-exerciseAs the temperature drastically takes a turn for the chilly-willies, people are finding it harder and harder to keep up with their workout routines. Everybody is succumbing to the “oh it’s too cold outside to work out anyway” mode.

We have all experienced this mode. We stay in and munch on sweets and watch movies. But who ever said that it is too cold outside to get a good workout in your day?

Last time I checked, no one did.

There are plenty of different exercises that you can do inside (oh yes, we are taking the cold days out of the equation) to keep in shape during the winter. Who needs the gym when you can get your fitness on right inside your dorm room?

Get ready to work up a sweat. Because I know I did.  

I decided, in order to give you guys the best at-home workouts I possibly can, to throw myself into the fire, and try multiple routines myself.

Thanks to the magical and organized world of Pinterest (you know it, it’s addicting), I found some excellent workout routines to try inside.

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University Community Adjusts to Schedule Changes

Superstorm Sandy Causes Professors, Students to Alter Original Plans as Semester is Shortened

It has been almost a month since Superstorm Sandy has hit, and both students and faculty are trying to get back to a sense of normalcy. However, there has been some dispute as to how the rest of the semester will go now that students have a shortened semester.

Some students have had to meet their original deadlines as professors continue to follow their syllabi while others are adjusting and trying not to overload their students.

“My professor has been making adjustments to a lot of assignments, and I had to go to a make-up class, so it has been a bit more stressful because there is even more of a workload than there usually is this time of year,” said Mary Fulco, junior. “I have been spending a lot of time at the library trying to get things done because now I do not have a lot of extra time.”

It is not only the students that have been stressed about the constrained semesters. Several professors have had to change test dates, guest speakers, and revise their syllabi schedule for the rest of the semester.

“For the most part, my courses are following their current syllabi,” says Dr. Stanley Blair, English professor.

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Holiday Season Begins Too Early

Stores Commercialize Holidays Earlier Each Year

opinion-earlier-holidaysLike any child growing up, I loved the holiday season. It meant getting presents, endless trays of cookies and sweets, and of course, no school for two weeks.  The whole holiday season is supposed to be a special time of giving, seeing loved ones, and just an overall sense of cheer. The reason why it is special is that it comes once a year, or at least that is what is supposed to happen.

It seems that over the past few years the holiday season has been getting longer, and every year all of the holidays seem to be becoming more and more commercial, especially Christmas. I started seeing ads about upcoming Black Friday sales in October, and it all seems ridiculous.

Yes, stores do need to advertise in order to make money, but they already know that this is the most profitable shopping season of the year, so why can’t they wait at least until I finish my Halloween candy before they start advertising for the door busters and the one day only Christmas sales?

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Classic Movies Remain Timeless Through Many Generations

Memorable Films Outlive Their Decades, Continue to be Beloved by People of All Ages

opinion-classic-moviesClassic movies just never seem to fade away. You all know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m talking The Goonies, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pulp Fiction, Die Hard, Grease, and for the sake of the holiday season, Home Alone, A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, and Frosty the Snowman. These movies have a special place within all of us; they are too good not to love.

What’s the big deal about these movies anyway?

Well besides the fact that they are PHENOMENAL, they were passed down from our older siblings and our parents. I remember being five years old sitting around the television with my family, watching That’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas, a movie that my parents had watched when they were kids.

They even watched Frosty the Snowman and Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer when they were young. There is a tradition that comes with each classic movie. How could you not respect such holiday classics?

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Community Members Unite in Wake of Severe Storm

Volunteerism, Compassion Strike Chord in People as Many Hurry to Help Others

volunteerWords cannot begin to describe the sorrow and grief I feel for those that lost a little or everything during Hurricane Sandy.  The images and video footage that most, if not all, of us have seen displays the heartbreak that many along the east coast have had to endure.  Losing a neighborhood, a city, and a home is enough devastation to crush any bit of hope of reconstruction. 

I am thankful to have only lost power for a total of twenty minutes throughout the entirety of the storm. Other than that, my town, home, family, and pets are safe.

When I learned about previous natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the typhoon in Haiti, I thought of life from a new perspective. I imagined it with no home, no warm clothes, no hot meals, no bed, and no hope. 

If I were ever placed in a situation like that, I would want people to care.  When I evaluated the life that I do have, I realized how simple it was to take it for granted. 

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Hurricane Sandy Causes People to Re-evaluate Priorities

After Storm Ravages Homes, Livelihoods, Many Take Time to Consider What is Important

Too many people have seen innumerable amounts of destruction over the past few weeks at the hands of Hurricane Sandy. She blew through our towns and took with her lives, property, hopes, and spirits. However, despite the hurt and pain she caused, I can only hope that there was an important lesson to be learned by everyone, whether they felt major effects of the storm or not.

The age old cliché tells us that we should be appreciative of the things we have because we don’t really know what we have until it is gone. Most of the time, we roll our eyes and let this piece of advice go through one ear and out the other, but it is at a time like this when truer words have never been spoken. Sandy took so much with her and left behind levels of destruction never before seen in many parts of New Jersey.

While some people lost their electricity for a mere few hours, there are much more people today still living without heat, running water, or electricity. As one of the people who only lost power for two days, I was fortunate enough to be able to go to my sister’s house with electricity. Finally being able to turn the lights on, charge my cell phone, check my email, and take a hot shower felt like the greatest gift I had ever been given. I had compared the previous two days to torture.

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Restrictive Dining Hall

Students See Less Food Options

Where’s the food?

Obviously there is food on campus because if there wasn’t, we may have a problem. I’m talking about the options. The options are becoming monotonous.

The dining hall, the Student Center, Raising Canes, Shadows, and Java City all have options for us to choose from, but is there really variety? In the dining hall there are omelets, pizza, sandwiches, salads, burgers, chicken, and specialty meals with names I can never recall, and you can find the same type of meals at the Student Center as well. Java City is where the coffee and bagel addicts can be found, and Raising Canes and Shadows are where remixed fried chicken and fat sandwiches can be found.

Let’s set the record straight. The food on campus is okay. It’s not my Nonna’s homemade pasta fagoli, but it is still pretty good. The food on campus gets the job done, and the students on campus have options, but not as many as they would like to have. Of course we have the options within each food stand on campus, but are there really options between having fried chicken from Raising Canes, to the fried chicken in Shadows, to the fried chicken in the Dining Hall and the Student Center? Nope.

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