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Life Lessons for an MU Student From Friends

Life Lessons Friends

Friends always seems to be a go-to show for laughs and an easy night in. But, “They don’t know that we know that they know” that Friends is known for its continuous slew of puns, jokes, and Rachel-Ross drama. Friends has been around since 1994 and its die-hard fans can never get enough- myself included. There’s no shortage of lessons from the legendary television show, but, how easily are those lessons applied to Monmouth University students?

Living by the shore gives us Hawks easy access to all the hot spots by the ocean, but what Friends teaches us is that it’s okay to spend a Friday night in with our pajamas playing board games. Sure, it may be nice to get all dolled up and go out every weekend, but, a simple night spent de-stressing with your best pals is never a bad idea.

With workloads being at their heaviest this time of the semester, a night in may very well be needed. As Joey would say, “So why don’t you be a grown-up and come watch t.v. in the fort?”

Although some of our friends could be considered the frivolous spending Ross, Chandler, and Monicas of the group, there are still some of us penny pinching Rachel, Joey, and Phoebes of the bunch. As per “The One with Five Steaks and an Eggplant,” splitting the check amongst friends can be difficult at times to say the least, because just like Phoebe, “I wasn’t like you guys, okay? I didn’t eat gold and have a flying pony.” But, being honest and open about not having enough to cover a night out is always the best option.

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Halloween 2016

Thoughts on This Year’s Costumes and Trends

Halloween 2016 1Now that Halloween has officially ended, it’s time to recap some fantastic costumes and talk about the different genres of costumes. Every year it seems like there are those who take Halloween to the max and those who take it pretty lightly. I have the utmost respect for those who take Halloween seriously.

To the girls and guys who have full-face makeup and do funky designs with body paint—kudos! People can get really creative with their painting. It’s really inspiring to see those who are artsy and/or experimental with their body paint. I know I would never be able to do it and even though I may try, it never comes out quite right.

Doing full-face makeup has two paths: artsy or scary. Some people do full-face makeup and their faces are absolutely horrifying and gory. Yet, on the other hand, I’ve seen some pretty interesting face painting that purely makes the character the person is dressing up as more realistic. For example, there are a lot of neat designs for being an alien or any type of animal. This artistic face painting was an extremely popular trend this year.

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“Grab them by [Their Intellectual Brains]”

How Female Students Feel About Republican Candidate Donald Trump’s Sexist Remarks

Grab Them Brain

With the recent presidential race, Monmouth students are continuing to form plenty of opinions on the candidates. It is well known that Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, is a feminist. However, Republican candidate, Donald Trump, has been under siege by women across the country over his crude comments and questionable attitudes toward women.

This has been an issue surrounding Trump throughout the election process, but it has been resurfaced in a big way after a recent comment of Trump’s stating that he can “do anything […] grab them by the p***y.” With such sexist remarks, women everywhere have started to fight back at Trump.

What does a campus whose ratio, according to Monmouth University’s site, of men to women is 2:3, say about Trump’s attitude toward women? Let’s hear what some of our females on campus have to say:

Coral Cooper, a junior English student:

As Trump progresses through the 2016 election, his egotistical characteristics are becoming affirmed. Within recent weeks, recordings of predatory talk and sexual assault allegations have come to surface in the news regarding the man attempting to hold the position of commander and chief of the United States.

Comments suggesting a man, especially a man with a lot of money or high social standing, can do whatever he pleases to a woman are not acceptable. The issue of sexual assault is a sensitive topic that should not be discussed so crudely. Gender equality is an ongoing issue as women still make monetarily less than men.

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Life Lessons for an MU Student From a Trip to Walt Disney World

Life Lessons Walt Disney World

As a student who is constantly working, going to meetings, and doing school work, any trip/ escape from reality helps. What we don’t realize about trips are that many of them can teach us some pretty important life lessons even while we are having fun and don’t actually realize it. Reflecting back on a Fall Break trip I took, I found that there are some pretty important and interesting life lessons I learned from my trip to Walt Disney World.

Planning makes perfect

Did you know that when planning a trip to Disney World you can make reservations for hotels 180 days in advance? And you can make reservations for FastPasses, attraction tickets that allow you to skip the stand-by lines, up to 60 days in advance! When planning a trip to Disney, there is a lot of organization and there are many deadlines involved. Keeping an itinerary and calendar are key to a successfully planned trip. This is also true to any Monmouth student! With deadlines, classes, meetings, etc. it can be difficult to keep up. What we can take away from a Disney vacation is that planning truly makes perfect and that goes for your daily life at Monmouth too!

Patience is key

We’ve all been there—waiting for a ride as perfect and incredible as Space Mountain, knowing that it isn’t going to be a short wait. Lines at Disney World for any attraction can get as long as two hours—sometimes even longer! You’ve got to pack your patience when going to an amusement park as magical and popular as this. Furthermore, it isn’t just the wait that you’re going to have to be patient with, it’s the people too. With the buzz of tons of different languages being spoken, the cries and yelps of little children who want this and that, and the roar of crowds in general, you’ve got to be patient and learn to keep calm in hectic situations.

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Why I Love Sweaters

Oh, Let Me Count the Ways...

red sweaterFall, the best time of year for all of our wardrobes, has finally made its way here!

There’s nothing better than a wardrobe full of autumn colors, and of course the array of sweaters that we’re finally able to break out. Seeing everyone walking around campus in the brisk air wearing sweaters that match perfectly with the changing colors of the leaves is so pleasing.

Sweaters come in a vast variety for any type of day that fall throws at you. There are sweaters that are perfect for those mornings in the start of the season where it’s cool in the morning, but it warms up by the middle of the day. These are the perfect days to wear your light sweaters or just a cardigan to go over your outfit. There are also days where it’s cold and rainy this is where your big fluffy sweaters come in handy. The sweater will keep you warm all day regardless of how cold and damp it is outside.

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Life Lessons for a Monmouth Student from Deadpool

deadpool imageIt’s impossible to get through the movie Deadpool without at the very least a chuckle, but just because it is prized for its comedic efforts doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer us some incredible life lessons. A movie doesn’t have to be a drama or a romantic comedy to offer up some valuable takeaways. There are two very strong life lessons that we can take from Deadpool. These include the fact that we shouldn’t take life too seriously and that a sense of humor is key in dealing with any and all situations and that we should surround ourselves with people who truly care about us.

It’s obvious that the first life lesson would deal with having a sense of humor, but it really is something that a lot of us, as college students, need to remember. With “real life” approaching quickly and so many adult responsibilities piling up each year we progress in school, it is easy to start taking life a bit too seriously. Internships, job applications, leadership roles, you name it! There are too many things going on that require a balanced head on your shoulders and a scholastic driven brain.

Watching Deadpool reminds us that no matter how tough life gets or how many responsibilities pile up, there is always a punch line and a way to laugh at a situation. In the film, main character, Wade Wilson (Deadpool), played by Ryan Reynolds, goes through a series of pummeling negative life events. He is diagnosed with thyroid cancer, gets conned into agreeing to enter a “treatment program,” which then, in turn, ends up completely ruining his physical appearance.

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My Role Model: Demi Lovato

The definition of a role model, according to, is someone whose actions or successes can be emulated by others who find their actions or successes inspiring. Growing up, I was told that I could be anything I wanted to be, as long as I did it with all the love and passion I could possibly have. I went through many role models throughout my life that all had careers in the music industry because 7-year-old me swore with everything in her heart that I was going to make it big in the music industry.

One day while sitting in my room watching Disney Channel, an original movie premiered, “Camp Rock,” and my entire life changed from that moment on. I initially started to watch the movie because of the Jonas Brothers, because let’s be honest here, who wasn’t in love with Nick’s baby face, Joe’s sassy attitude, and Kevin’s amazing guitar skills? However, what got me hooked on watching the movie multiple times, even to this day, was Demi Lovato. From that moment forward, if it had to do with Demi Lovato, I cared about it.

Over the years, the love and inspiration I feel for and from Demi only grew with every song or magazine article. Her music makes me feel like I’m not alone and that I can conquer anything I’m going through. In 2011, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was admitted into a rehabilitation center in August of that same year. I remember, as cliché as this may sound, being there for her as she had been for me. She was there for me through a terrible breakup that took me forever to get over, when I had a car accident that shook my family, for graduation, college, mental breakdowns, and the happiest moments of my life.

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Life Lessons for an MU Student From Grey’s Anatomy

Life Lessons Greys AnatomyIn March of 2005, Grey’s Anatomy took the world by storm and has continued to drum up revenue since its start 11 years ago. Actors have come and gone in this medical based drama, but their lessons continue to teach the audience values we would otherwise look past- not to mention bring out our ugliest of cries.

From its very first episode, ‘Grey’s’ has instilled the idea of making new friends and to keep your real friends and never let them go. Students often tend to forget who to place our value in or if a certain person is worth giving our all for. If we think about it, we’re lucky to have such a humble and open campus that we get the chance to meet such an unimaginable number of people.   We continue to see their face in a crowded Student Center or happen to pick them out of the mass of people walking to class; whereas many other campuses have twice or three times the amount of students that Monmouth University has. Sometimes it may feel that being alone is the better option, but, as Izzie Stevens says, “Everyone needs help from time to time. Someone to look out for them. Make sure they’re OK.”

Between being caught up with Meredith’s lovers and Alex’s fits of rage, there is no shortcoming of fighting, though the characters aren’t just fighting with each other, they are fighting for who they love, fighting for what they love, and so on and so forth. Grey’s Anatomy has proven over the years that they are all about expressing love and passion in whatever form is most comfortable for them; their motto has always been to fight for what they want. Cristina Yang tells us, “If you want crappy things to stop happening to you, then stop accepting crap and demand something more.”

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TMI: Too Much Information

How much Information is Too Much Information When Meeting New People?

The first time you’re meeting someone, it’s typical to give them general information about yourself. My name is Amanda Drennan, I’m a senior at Monmouth, and I have an undying love for dogs.

But now with social media there’s a lot of information about ourselves that can be found online, and it’s usually easily accessible. If someone takes a look at your social media page, they can see almost anything you’ve posted since you started your page. It’s not only what you post on social media that’s out there, but also what other people post about you. It all lends to to what a person can learn about you without actually ever meeting you. We’ve all been there, looked through someone’s page before we actually get to know them (and don’t act like you’ve never lurked through someone’s page to learn more about them).

It’s easy for us to word vomit information about ourselves to people when we first meet them, especially with so much about ourselves being available online. But what’s too much to tell people? There’s nothing wrong with being open, but some things are just better off kept to yourself. The first time you meet someone it can be overwhelming if they’re just spewing information about him/herself at you.

When you’re first getting to know someone, it’s better to start off with basic information about yourself. This can help you find common interests with the person. If you start off telling them your whole life story from birth to today, don’t be surprised if they’re staring at you like you have two heads.

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A Decade Review: The 80s

Thanking the 80s for its Contributions to Today’s World

Decade Review Metallica

It’s hard to believe that the 1980s were about 30 years ago, especially with glimpses of the decade emerging in today’s pop culture. Honestly, I never really liked the 80s. I always thought the decade was corny and obnoxious- from the oversized shoulder pads to the oversaturation of bright neon.

I still do for the most part, but I’ve come to realize that its obnoxiousness is what made it one of the most memorable decades in recent history. It’s much more than just the surface trends I mentioned before. In fact, there were a lot of other firsts that we have to accredit the 80s for making popular; a lot of the things we enjoy today wouldn’t have existed or been discovered.


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Life Lessons for an MU Student from Gossip Girl

Life Lessons Gossip GirlHey, West Long Branch residents! As the Fall semester is now officially in full swing, Gossip Girl has a few tips for all students looking to be as successful as ever this year and every year.

Common knowledge tells us Gossip Girl is most famous for its attractive cast and endless drama, but, there are some great takeaways that we miss amongst the Lonely Boy vs. Chuck Bass battles.

Although Gossip Girl may have started in 2007, the cast proves in every episode that fashion is the top priority. Early 2000s style may be a little outdated, but, Blair Waldorf taught the audience that first impressions via wardrobe say more about you than anything else.

Being college students, most of the time, our wardrobe consists of Monmouth t-shirts, shorts, sweats, and plenty of hoodies, but going into an interview for an internship or just a part-time job means dressing the part. There aren’t any rules against certain clothes, or rather, there aren’t any written rules, but it is crucial to be taken seriously in situations like interviews or job fairs. Messy buns, sweatpants, and ripped jeans or tees are on the ‘Do Not Wear’ list, but, wearing a blouse, khakis, or skirts mean you’re willing to look the part and be professional in any setting because, “It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be.”

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