Moments at Monmouth 02-07-18

02.07.18 Viewpoint 1

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Keynote Speaker Ken Nwadike, Jr. Speaking about his "Free Hugs Project" at Pollak Theatre.

PHOTO TAKEN by Amber Galati


 02.07.18 Viewpoint 2

Sisters of Chi Upsilon Sigma supporting the #goredforwomen campaign to raise awareness for cadriovasucular disease. (From Left: Vanessa Espino, Marleny Meija, Liany Rodriguez).

PHOTO COURTESY of Chia Upsilon Sigma

 02.07.18 Viewpoint 3

Teenage Halloween takes the stage at the S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. Expressions Literary and Music Festival.

PHOTO COURTESY of Kenny Bieber

 02.07.18 Viewpoint 4

The women's basketball team participate in "Play 4KAY" Day for Women's Cancer Awareness.

PHOTO TAKEN by Karlee Sell