Campus Viewpoint 04-11-18

What do you look for in a new University President?

04.11.18 Viewpoint 5

Hannah Dumas

"Someone who is intelligent, kind, and has a passion for education and cares about the students."

 04.11.18 Viewpoint 6

Russel Hillman

“Someone who is looking out for the students’ best interest and is actively involved with the daily operations of the school."

 04.11.18 Viewpoint 7

Jelani Moore

"Someone who wants the best for the majority of students and professors. Maybe some quality dining could be added."

04.11.18 Viewpoint 8

Kush Kumar Patel

“Involvement, good leadership, and caring about the students and faculty.”

 04.11.18 Viewpoint 9

Susan Goulding, Ph.D.
Department Chair of English

"I am looking for someone who is interested in the liberal arts and inclusion and diversity."