Campus Viewpoint 04-18-18

What are your plans for the summer?

04.18.18 Viewpoint 5

Arbaz M. Khan

"I’m going to be doing some research over the summer along with trying to catch up on some reading."

04.18.18 Viewpoint 6

Angelina Calderon

“Working on campus and preparing for my last year!"

04.18.18 Viewpoint 7

Sabrina Muriale

“Going to pick up more shifts at my job, vacationing to Florida in July, and looking for a job.”

04.18.18 Viewpoint 8

Blake Robinson

"To get a job in motion graphics or 3D modeling, which will hopefully give me experience to eventually work in the entertainment industry."

04.18.18 Viewpoint 9

Doug Stives
Chair of the Accounting Department

"I will be teaching continued education on a cruise in Europe for three days and the new tax law on a cruise to Alaska. I will also be relaxing, playing golf, and sailing."