Make Organizing Your Forte

Organizing ForteThe idea of organization is crucial when it comes to overall academic and personal success. It is the foundation that keeps one wanting to strive to achieve all goals. Goals are important but, without organization and motivation, tasks will not get done, resulting in negative results and consequences. If you were not the most organized in previous years, right now is a great time to start.

It is important to stay organized so that you are able to decipher what tasks in your life need attention and when. One of the best ways to go about organizing your life is by keeping a planner. With a planner, you will not miss any upcoming tasks or events that need attention.

 If you are not interested in a planner you should definitely start taking advantage of using the calendar application on your phone. That way it is accessible easily and it has dates at your disposal.

Sasha Canan, Ph.D., an assistant professor of health and physical education, offered some insight about how when she was a student, and even today, she relies heavily on her planner. “Ever since my freshman year of college, I always made it a point to keep a planner and have never stopped using one since,” said Canan. 

She also addressed the importance of filing documents in a certain manner that makes sense and is easy to access. Another great tip is the benefits of grouping and color coding. Things that could be color coded easily are events, tasks, and due dates because it provides clarity and can make things easier to remember.

Organization will allow you to feel less stressed and may take some of the pressure off your shoulders. Something that is found to be extremely helpful is taking the time towards the beginning of the week to sketch out the rest of the days ahead.

That way your whole week is mapped out and you can see what needs to be taken care of and at what time. This will also leave wiggle room for personal time that you want to allow yourself to have. By having everything organized and planned out, you can plan dinner dates with friends, time for the gym, and anything else that you feel you deserve at the end of the day.

At the beginning of each semester, make it a point to take all important information given to you by your professors and create an assignment list with due dates. This can include exams, projects, and more.

 That way, with doing this, you know what assignments are coming up, and how long you have before certain things are due.

When talking to junior finance student, Ryan Thompson, he said “the importance of organization, especially in college, is because there is a lot going on. Whether it be classes or things you are involved in, it is crucial you keep track of everything so that you do not make little mistakes or forget tasks.”

 He added, “I always set myself reminders using my phone since I always have that on me.”

The reminder apps on phones are great because you can put in dates, times, titles, and the priority of the event. This is also a great hack for when you have meetings with advisors, professors, or group members to make sure you know where you need to be and when.

One last tip for staying organized is the simple act of being clean.

It is easier to be organized if everything has a place and they are grouped together in a certain way. That way, especially if you are in a rush, you know where everything is.

Many students try and pack their backpacks the night before their day, that way if they run late or if any last minute issues arise, it is one less thing to worry about.

Doing this can also allow you to feel a sense of security; this means that you can stay ensured that nothing of importance is forgotten for the day ahead.

Organization and planning skills are crucial for overall success.

Being organized not only allows you to help get the grades you want and deserve, but it also is great preparation for the real world ahead.

Carlene Santos, a junior business student, gave her input on the topic. “Organization is key, whether you write yourself sticky notes, use an agenda, or set reminders on your phone, these are the ways of keeping yourself up to date with your school work,” she said.

With the new school year ahead, make it a point to start off this school year strong with these easy tips and tricks. Find what works best for you and run with it.

PHOTO TAKEN by Cassandra Zapozzi-Smith