Ways to Keep Yourself Busy This Fall

Keep Busy This FallWith summer coming to an end, people experience different emotions. Many people get sad when the summer season ends, but it can allow us to look forward to the variety of fun activities that fall brings.

Going to school at the shore makes it hard to get into the fall spirit since we are constantly surrounded by the beach, but there are so many activities to enjoy in the fall.

When asking people around campus what they like to do in the fall, different answers were given. Donna Dolphin, an associate professor of communication said, “I love to go camping in the fall. I think it is the best time of year for it. The days are a little cooler but the sun is still warm. The nights are quite chilly, even cold sometimes. It’s perfect for enjoying a campfire.”

She continued, “The leaves are turning brilliant colors and that makes the hiking and canoeing that much nicer. I like to enjoy fall foods with the change of seasons and everything tastes even better when you are cooking outdoors.”

One of the most common fall activities is apple or pumpkin picking. Delicious Orchards located in Colts Neck is one of the most popular places to go apple and pumpkin picking around here.  Along with going pumpkin picking, there are so many delicious treats you can buy.

Another fun fall activity is hayrides, even the haunted ones to help people get into the Halloween spirit. Whether you are more of a thrill seeker or just in it for a mellow ride, there is something for everyone. C. Casola Farms Haunted Attractions in Marlboro Township is the perfect place to catch a haunted hayride. It is the ideal spot for thrill seekers and can definitely keep you on your toes for the entire ride.

Colleen Moretti, student of communication said, “I like to go pumpkin picking because it puts me into the fall mood. It is a tradition that I do with my family every single year ever since I was little.” Moretti added, “It is a fun way to get into the fall mood and to spend time with my family.”

Getting lost in a corn maze is definitely something that will put you into the fall vibe as well. Most corn mazes are a fun way to get together with your friends and have a little fall fun.

When thinking of fall activities, many people tend to think of a lot of things outdoors but that isn’t the only option. There are a lot of activities that you can do inside as well.

 Whether it is making fall crafts with friends or collecting the beautiful changing colored leaves, activity possibilities are endless. If you are looking to make some DIY fall crafts, Pinterest is a great place to seek inspiration.

By looking on Pinterest you can find thousands of crafts even for the not so crafty people. There is something for everyone if you look hard enough.

Whether you are crafty or not, it is always important to let your artistic abilities flow. Another indoor activity is finding new fall recipes to make.

 Pinterest is also a good source to use to find new delicious recipes. From dinners to desserts, you can find anything that you are looking for. Kristina Gorgone, a junior education student said, “One of my favorite fall activities is cooking with my mom. Each year we pick our own apples and try to find new recipes.”

Our favorite recipe is apple cobbler and it has now become a tradition for my mom and me to make.” With the fall approaching, there are so many activities that you can find at your fingertip.

Carving pumpkins is a classic fall activity, and a common tradition, that is fun for every age. It is so easy to go pick up a pumpkin and to make your own masterpiece out of it.

Fall is the perfect season to get creative and have a little fun.

PHOTO TAKEN by Cassandra Capozzi-Smith